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Iconic image of Thailand

Iconic image of Thailand


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I recommend and use Agoda to make all of my own personal hotel bookings. Agoda has an extensive hotel inventory, an efficient on-line booking process, and a 'Best Price Guarantee' on room rates. Booking your hotel through Agoda also gives me a little help with the ongoing cost of running this site at no additional cost to yourself.


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After the birth of the Internet in the mid to late 1990's everyone had, or was encouraged to have, their own home page. That now seems like many centuries ago and nowadays the on-line world has changed beyond recognition.

Most of those small, personal sites have now been consigned to history and - as is usually the case - the big boys have taken over completely. While Google and Facebook become increasingly bigger and richer, and feature higher in search results, the small sites continue to disappear.

When I lived in the UK the same thing had been happening to small, independent pubs and shops for many years. The interesting little pubs and shops were forced to close and High Streets around the country were filled with the same boring, bland chain stores and chain pubs that could be found everywhere else.

A few stubborn people have tried to buck the trend and have continued with their personal websites, but it has become increasingly difficulty, especially with Facebook now attempting to completely take over the on-line world.

The big sites have taken away lots of visitors from small sites and website funding has become an issue. An assumption that lots of people make is that everything on-line is free, but it costs time and money for people to create and run websites.

Google and Facebook have billions of users and make plenty of money with advertising. They also control a lot of advertising on the Internet. For a few years I managed to fund this site with Google advertising, but that is no longer the case.

The Google AdSense programme deteriorated very rapidly to the point where the income I received wasn't enough to cover this site's hosting costs, let alone reimburse me for my time, effort and additional costs.

As this site is mainly about travel, in particular Thailand where I now live, I use the Agoda Partner Affiliate Programme to try to fund this site. If visitors book their hotels on-line with Agoda using my affiliate ID, which is included in the links on this site, I receive some of the commission that would otherwise have gone to Agoda. It costs you nothing extra to use one of my links.

The pages in this site contain quite a lot of information and I am constantly adding more. If you find the information useful and would like to give me a little support, please consider using one of the Agoda links on my pages the next time you wish to book a hotel on-line.

With a young family to support, it really helps.

Thank you!

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