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Buri Sriphu Hotel, Hat Yai

Buri Sriphu Hotel, Hat Yai


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I live in Southeast Asia and have booked hundreds of hotels in this region. I have spent many hours researching hotel prices to get the best deal and I always end up booking through Agoda. Their rates are far lower compared to other companies or booking directly with hotels.

Disclaimer: I am an Agoda affiliate and if you book using one of the links on my site I will receive a small commission, but only if you use one of the links on this site (or the search box below) because only these links contain my affiliate ID.

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Hat Yai Hotel Site Map

Hotel Ratings

The rating system I have used below is the Agoda one-to-five-star rating system. If a hotel doesn't have a rating it simply means that it isn't on the Agoda hotel inventory; it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a bad hotel.

There are lots of middle-of-the-road 'tourist class' hotels in Hat Yai and, as you might expect, many hotels carry a rating of three stars indicating that they are average in most respects. Some of these three star ratings are justified, but (in my humble opinion) some hotels don't deserve three stars.

I can't specifically state which ones these are, but if you are interested in a hotel please read my comments for an honest description.

Conversely, some hotels, I believe, are underrated. For example, I was really impressed with La Pause Hotel. The hotel interior was all architect designed and an immense amount of thought has gone into the interior decoration, but Agoda only gives it 2.5 stars. Again, in my humble opinion, it is far more luxurious than many of the three star rated hotels.

The Hub backpacker hostel also gets a 2.5 star rating from Agoda and although it provides perfectly adequate accommodation for backpackers passing through Hat Yai, there is absolutely no comparison between the two properties. One is far superior, but they both get the same star rating.

Presumably, the Agoda rating system uses many criteria and because La Pause has very few guest facilities or a restaurant (just a coffee shop) it gets a low rating. However, this low rating doesn't reflect the true quality of the hotel. On the other hand, tatty hotels with an old gym, an ordinary restaurant and a poorly maintained swimming pool will get a higher rating because they are seen to have more facilities.

Neither does Agoda seem to give much consideration to location. Some of the three star rated hotels are a long way from the centre of town and most tourists want to be close to the centre of the action.

Use the ratings as a rough guide, but don't always believe that a four star hotel is better than a three star hotel, or that a three star hotel is better than a two star hotel.

Disclaimer: The following ratings were taken from the Agoda system on 9th August 2016. If Agoda changes a hotel's rating after this date, the change may not be reflected in the following list. To confirm a hotel's latest rating, always check on the Agoda site using the links I have provided along with the hotel's other details.

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Summary Of Hotel Listings

Accommodation Page 1

  • Introduction
  • Where's The Best Place To Stay In Hat Yai?
  • Budget Accommodation in Hat Yai
  • Comfortable Accommodation in Hat Yai
  • Busy Periods
  • Travel Agent Discounts
  • Booking Accommodation
  • Long Stay Accommodation
  • Short Stay Accommodation
  • Disclaimer
  • Feedback and Requests
  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • 2U Hotel Hatyai (★★★)
    • A-Center Mansion
    • Al Fahad Hotel (★★★)
    • Alina Guest House
    • Aloha Hotel (★★★)
    • Ambassador Hotel
    • Asia Grand Hotel (★★★)
    • Asian Hotel (★★★)
    • ATK Hatyai Hotel (★★★)
    • B2 Hotel (★★★)
    • Baan Suan Apartment 2
    • Baan Tidtaa Apartment

Accommodation Page 2

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • The Bed Hatyai (★★★)
    • The Bedroom (★★)
    • Be My Guest
    • Birth Mansion
    • The Bless Residence (★★)
    • BP Grand Suite (★★★)
    • BP Grand Tower (★★★)
    • BR Grand Hotel (★★★)
    • Buri Sriphu Hotel (★★★★)
    • Cathay Guest House (★.5)
    • Centara Hotel Hat Yai (★★★.5)
    • Center Mansion

Accommodation Page 3

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Central View Hostel
    • Century Hotel
    • Chaiyong Garden Home
    • Chao Phya Grand Hotel (★★★.5)
    • Chateau
    • Chestnut Hill Eco Resort (★★)
    • China Garden Hotel
    • Ching Hao Grand Hotel
    • Chok Amnuay Hotel
    • Cholatarn Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • Chudchada Place (★★.5)
    • City Park Hotel
    • The Color Hotel (★★★.5)
    • Cosy Place Apartment (★★)

Accommodation Page 4

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Crystal Hotel (★★★★)
    • Daiichi Hotel (★★★)
    • De Poem Loft (★★★)
    • Diamond Plaza Hotel (★★★)
    • D-One Hotel (★★★)
    • Dusit Hotel
    • Emperor Hotel (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
    • Florida Hotel (★★★)
    • Friendlytel Hotel (★★)
    • G2 Hotel (★★★)
    • Garden Home Apartment
    • Garden Home Hotel (★★★.5)
    • Genting Hotel (★★)
    • Get Guesthouse (★.5)
    • Get Guesthouse (Sangsri 4) (★.5)

Accommodation Page 5

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Golden Crown Hotel (★★★)
    • Golden Crown Grand Hotel (★★★)
    • Grand Pink Hotel (★★★)
    • Grand Plaza Hotel (★★★)
    • Great Home Mansion
    • The Great Hotel
    • Green View Hotel (★★★)
    • Haad Kaew Resort (★★★)
    • The Habita (★★★)
    • Hansa JB Hotel (★★★★)
    • Hansa Venetian Hotel (★★★)
    • Happy Home Hatyai (★★)
    • Hasu Guesthouse (★★.5)
    • Hatyai Backpackers Hostel ()

Accommodation Page 6

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Hat Yai Central Hotel (★★★)
    • Hat Yai Dee Hostel (★★)
    • Hatyai Holiday Hotel (★★★)
    • Hatyai Merridian Hotel (★★)
    • Hat Yai Palace Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • Hat Yai Paradise Hotel and Resort (★★★)
    • Hat Yai Rama Hotel (★★★)
    • Hatyai Signature Hotel (★★★)
    • Hat Yai Youth Hostel ()
    • HD Hotel
    • Hi-Season Hotel (★★★)
    • The Hive Hostel ()
    • Hop Inn (★★)

Accommodation Page 7

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • The House (★★.5)
    • Hub Hostel (★★.5)
    • Ido Boutique Suite (★★★)
    • Indra Hotel
    • International Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • In Town
    • Khok Samet Chun Hostel
    • King's Hotel
    • Kosit Hotel (★★★)
    • Ladda Guest House
    • Laem Thong Hotel (★★.5)
    • La Pause (★★.5)
    • Lee Gardens Hotel (★★)
    • Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel (★★★)
    • Leevana Hotel (★★★.5)
    • Legacy Guest House
    • LK Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • Louise Guest House
    • Mandarin Hotel
    • Marina Hotel

Accommodation Page 8

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Mayflower Grande Hotel (★★)
    • Merlin Grand Hotel (★★★)
    • Metro Hotel
    • Muanfun Apartment 2 (★★)
    • Muang Thong Family Suite (★★★)
    • My House Hotel (★★.5)
    • Napalai Place
    • Neca Complex Apartment (★★.5)
    • Neo Hotel (★★.5)
    • New Season Hotel (★★★)
    • New Season Square Hotel (★★★★)
    • New World Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • NJ Hotel
    • Num Huat Guest House

Accommodation Page 9

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel (★★★)
    • Ocean Shopping Town & Residence
    • Oraput Apartment
    • Pacific Residence
    • Palm Chalet Resort (★★)
    • Pang Mai Resort (★★★)
    • Park Hotel
    • Pathomtip Mansion
    • PB Grand Hotel (★★★)
    • Pearl Place Hotel
    • Pink Lady Hotel (See Grand Pink Hotel)
    • Pink Resort
    • PM Residence
    • P Residence (★★.5)
    • President Hotel

Accommodation Page 10

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • PS Extra Hotel (★★.5)
    • PS Resort (★★)
    • Pueng Luang Hotel
    • Racha Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • Rado Hotel
    • Red Planet (★★★)
    • Regency Hotel (★★★★)
    • River Grand Suite Hotel (★★★)
    • Room 2 U (★★)
    • Sakol Hotel
    • Sakura Budget Hotel (★★)
    • Sakura Hotel (★★)
    • Sakura Grand View Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • Sandee Room
    • SC Heritage Hotel (★★)

Accommodation Page 11

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Seree Grand Resort (★★★)
    • S Hadyai Hotel (★★★★)
    • Siam Center Hotel (★★★)
    • Siam Hotel
    • Siam Oriental Hotel (★★.5)
    • Silom Boutique Hotel Hatyai (★★★)
    • Singapore Hotel (★★)
    • Sing Golden Place Hotel (★★★)
    • The Smart Hotel (★★★)
    • Sorasilp Guest House (★★)
    • Southern Airport Hotel (★★★)
    • Spring Home Apartment
    • Sripinunt Hotel (★★.5)
    • Supasarn Condominium

Accommodation Page 12

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • Taipei Hotel (★★.5)
    • Tanaphat Hatyai Hotel (★★)
    • TD Resident (★★)
    • Terrace View Residence
    • Thai Hotel
    • The Three Hat Yai
    • Thungsao Mansion (★★)
    • TK Mansion
    • Tong Nam Hotel
    • The Train Hotel (★★★)
    • Tune Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • U Hatyai (★★★)
    • Uncle Lee's House

Accommodation Page 13

  • Hat Yai Accommodation Listings
    • VC Apartment
    • Visa Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • V.L. Hotel (★★★.5)
    • V-Ocean Palace Hotel (★★)
    • VP Apartment
    • Wanthana Mansion
    • Wattana Place
    • The Weenee (★★★)
    • We Hostel ()
    • We World Hotel (★★)
    • Wiangpin Hotel
    • Winstar Hotel (★★)
    • Wisdom Residence (★★★)
    • Wungnoy Hotel (★★★)
    • Yannaty Hotel (★★★)
    • Yee Fah Grand City Hotel (NOW CLOSED)
    • Yongdee Hotel (★★) (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
    • Z Sleep Hotel (★★★)

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Get The Best Deal On Your Hat Yai Hotel Room

Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

Each link will take you to the relevant page on the Agoda website where you can see photos, read reviews, and book on-line. I use Agoda to book all of my own hotels in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Agoda hotel rates are usually always the lowest and I have received good customer service, therefore I am happy to recommend the company to other people. Here is some analysis I did regarding booking hotels in Southeast Asia. used to be more expensive than Agoda, but when I have checked hotel prices recently I have found their rates to be quite competitive. Unlike Agoda, you don't need to pay at the time of booking with - you can simply pay at the hotel when you check in. Also, show you total prices whereas Agoda show you a price and then add on 17% for tax and service charge.

If you want to compare prices between different on-line travel agents (OTAs) for a specific hotel, you can use a company such as HotelsCombined.

Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand