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Central Festival, Hat Yai

Central Festival, Hat Yai


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Central Festival, Hat Yai




Since opening in December 2013, the Hat Yai branch of Central Festival (the largest shopping mall in southern Thailand) has had a profound effect on the town.

Prior to its opening, Lee Gardens Plaza was the focal point for retail and tourism in Hat Yai. It was where retailers and restaurants wanted to be located, it was where tourists visiting Hat Yai wanted to stay, and it was where local teenagers used to like to hang out. That all changed after Central Festival. Nowadays, the Lee Gardens Plaza area is just a shadow of its former self.

Restaurant chains such as Fuji and Sizzler no longer have a presence in Lee Gardens Plaza, but they have opened new branches inside Central Festival. The same applies to many retail stores that used to be located in Lee Gardens Plaza or elsewhere in downtown Hat Yai. Many businesses simply moved to Central Festival.

In addition to all the retail stores and restaurants inside Central Festival, there are also entertainment venues that include a large cinema, bowling lanes, an amusement arcade, and even an ice skating rink.

Considering that there is so much on offer, and that everything can be enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort, it is no surprise that this huge shopping centre has been an incredible success. Not only is it popular with Hat Yai residents, but it is also popular with Thais from many other southern provinces and it even attracts shoppers from Malaysia and Singapore.

As Central Festival has become more popular, the surrounding area has seen a lot of development and many new hotels have been built for tourists who want to stay close by.

Ten Places To Stay Near Central Festival

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Although I have been visiting Central Festival in Hat Yai since it first opened in 2013, I only added this information to my website in December 2017.

The information as it stands is a snapshot of the situation at the end of 2017. If I notice that anything has changed I will update this information, but I can't possibly guarantee that it will always be correct.

I am always grateful when readers notify me of any errors.

Central Festival is where all retailers in Hat Yai want to be, but it doesn't always work out - even for big companies. Marks & Spencer are a huge retailer in the UK, but the M&S outlet at Central Festival didn't last very long.

Brits like M&S for the tasty ready-made meals, but there was no food for sale at M&S in Central Festival. There were only clothes for sale and M&S clothes don't tend to be that popular.

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Getting There

If the primary reason for your visit to Hat Yai is to spend time at Central Festival I would advise staying at a hotel nearby. See Ten Places To Stay Near Central Festival.

However, if you prefer staying in the downtown area of Hat Yai it isn't difficult getting to Central Festival. Many of the sawng-thaews (converted pickup trucks that carry passengers) that go along Phetkasem Road go to Central Festival and the fare is only Bt10. They will drop you off in front of Makro where there is a pedestrian bridge that leads straight into the mall.

Some hotels close to Central Festival offer a free service taking guests to the mall. From the downtown area there is a free shuttle service that will take you to the mall and bring you back to your hotel again. The following graphic gives information about this service, but if you are unsure just ask the staff at your hotel front desk.


Central Festival, Hat Yai, free shuttle service

Central Festival, Hat Yai, free shuttle service


The Route A shuttle picks up guests from the following hotels and then goes to Central Festival: BP Grand Tower, BP Grand Suite, Sakol, Grand Plaza, Lee Gardens Plaza, Centara, Regency, Aloha, Kings.

The Route B shuttle picks up guests from the following hotels and then goes to Central Festival: Kosit, Red Planet, Grand Plaza, Lee Gardens, Centara, Regency.

Even if you aren't actually staying at one of these hotels just go along to the hotel that is most convenient for you at the appropriate time to ctach the shuttle.

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Central Department Store

The entire back end of Central Festival is given over to Central department store on multiple floors. The goods in Central department store are high quality, but generally quite expensive. Having said that, there are regular promotions and it is possible to find high quality items for the same price as you would pay at a traditional Thai market.

The difference is that the local markets offer no guarantees and vendors at these places have no sense of customer service, whereas if you buy something at Central you will get a proper warranty if there is a problem.

When I shop with my wife we spend quite a lot time checking and comparing prices. Although Central has a reputation for being expensive, sometimes it is the cheapest place to buy something. It's always worth a look.

Central Department Store Floor 5

Artificial Flowers
Auto Accessories / Hardware
Bath / Towels
Better Gift / Clocks
Linen / Domestic / Mattress
Needle World
Small Appliances
Table Linen
Central Financial Center
Customer Service
Muslim Prayer Room
Premiere Lounge
Redemption Counter

Central Department Store Floor 4

Children's Accessories
Children's Shoes
Children's Wear
Infants / Infants' Accessories
Sanrio (Hello Kitty)
Swim / Aerobics Wear
Baby Changing Room
Breastfeeding Room
Redemption Counter

Central Department Store Floor 3

Men's Accessories
Men's Business
Men's Casual
Men's Furnishings
Men's Shoes
Redemption Counter
Western Union

Central Department Store Floor 2

CIO (Check It Out)
Fine Jewelry
Women's Accessories
Women's Wear
Young Miss
Central Workshop
Gift Exchange Counter
Redemption Counter

Central Department Store Floor 1

Beauty Galerie
Luxe Galerie
Fine Jewelry
Watches / Pens
Women's Shoes / Handbags
Facial Room
Information Counter
Redemption Counter
Watch Repair

Central Department Store Ground Floor

Office Mate

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Shop Listings By Category

Outside of Central department store, Central Festival is made up of hundreds of individual units of varying size that are rented out by external businesses and shops.

These businesses and shops are listed below by category and clicking on the floor number will take you to a list of businesses on that floor.

On floor 1 there is also a Market Place, which is further sub-divided into more small units that sell clothes, shoes and cosmetics.

Women's Fashion

Adidas Neo (floor 2)
AIIZ (floor 2)
Alpha (floor G)
Apisara (floor 2)
BJ Jeans (floor 2)
Body Glove (floor 2)
Cawaii (floor G)
CC-CC (floor 2)
CPS Chaps (floor 1)
Classic & Difference (floor 2)
Daks (floor 2)
Esprit (floor 2)
Fashion Inc (floor 1)
Flip Crown (floor G)
Giordano (floor 2)
GSP (floor 2)
Guess (floor 1)
H&M (floor 1)
Hof Store (floor 1)
Jaspal (floor 1)
Jousse (floor 2)
Klung Jeans (floor 1)
Lacoste (floor 1)
Lady Plus+ (floor 1)
Lee (floor 2)
Let's Make Design (floor G)
Levis (floor 2)
Lita (floor 1)
Lyn Around (floor 2)
Mc (floor 2)
Merci (floor G)
Mocca (floor 1)
The North Face (floor 2)
Nu Nuh (floor 1)
Omepiang (floor G)
Phimthai (floor G)
Pie Store (floor 1)
Pie Studio (floor 1)
Playboy (floor 1)
Portland (floor 2)
Queen (floor 1)
Rabbitty (floor G)
Sirin (floor G)
Top Chic (floor G)
Uniqlo (floor 1)
Wrangler (floor 2)
XACT (floor 2)
YNO (floor G)
Zalasa (floor G)

Men's Fashion

Adidas Neo (floor 2)
AIIZ (floor 2)
BJ Jeans (floor 2)
Body Glove (floor 2)
CC-CC (floor 2)
CPS Chaps (floor 1)
Classic & Difference (floor 2)
Daks (floor 2)
Esprit (floor 2)
Flip Crown (floor G)
Giordano (floor 2)
GSP (floor 2)
Guess (floor 1)
H&M (floor 1)
Jaspal (floor 1)
Klung Jeans (floor 1)
Lacoste (floor 1)
Lee (floor 2)
Levis (floor 2)
Mc (floor 2)
The North Face (floor 2)
Playboy (floor 1)
Portland (floor 2)
The 6ix (floor 1)
Uniqlo (floor 1)
Wrangler (floor 2)
XACT (floor 2)

Food Outlets

Amazon Cafe (floor 3)
Bar B Q Plaza (floor 5)
Black Canyon Coffee (floor 5)
Budaejjigae (floor 4)
Chao Doi (floor G)
Chester's (floor 4)
Dairy Queen (floor G)
Food Park (floor 4)
Fuji (floor 4)
Gao Lao Mo Fai (floor 5)
Hachiban-Ramen 8 (floor 5)
Hakata Ramen (floor 5)
Hot Pot Buffet (floor 5)
i-Kitchen (floor 4)
Jaew Hon (floor 5)
Jeffer (floor 4)
Jiang Look Shin (floor 4)
KFC (floor G)
Kimju (floor 4)
Kim Kun (floor 4)
Lanta Pian (floor G)
Let's Sator (floor 5)
McDonalds (floor G)
Miyasaki (floor 5)
MK (floor 5)
Oishi (floor 5)
Ootoya (floor 4)
Pizza Company (floor 4)
S & P (floor 5)
Santa Fe (floor 5)
Shabushi by Oishi (floor 5)
Sizzler (floor 5)
Starbucks (floor 1)
Sukishi (floor 5)
Swensen's (floor 5)
Tamlae (floor 5)
Yamazaki (floor G)
Yayoi (floor 5)

Sports Clothing/Shoes

Adidas (floor 2)
Converse (floor 2)
New Balance (floor 2)
Super Sports (floor 2)

Men's Shoes

Aldo (floor 1)
Bata (floor 2)
Clarks (floor 2)
Crocs (floor 2)
Ecco (floor 2)
Foot Market (floor 2)
Hush Puppies (floor 2)
Payless (floor 2)
Skechers (floor 2)
Taywin (floor 2)
Tid Din (floor 2)
Viera (floor 2)

Women's Shoes/Handbags

Aldo (floor 1)
Anello (floor 1)
Apisara (floor 2)
Bata (floor 2)
Cath Kidston (floor 1)
Charles & Keith (floor 2)
Clarks (floor 2)
Crocs (floor 2)
Dada (floor G)
Darte (floor 2)
Ecco (floor 2)
Foot Market (floor 2)
Hush Puppies (floor 2)
Jelly Bunny (floor 1)
Let's Make Design (floor G)
Lyn (floor 2)
KS (floor 1)
Payless (floor 2)
Radley London (floor 1)
Signature (floor G)
Skechers (floor 2)
St James & Trend (floor 2)
Taywin (floor 2)
Tid Din (floor 2)
Ton (floor 1)
Viera (floor 2)
White Brandname (floor G)


BP World (floor 2)
Samsonite (floor 2)
The Planet Traveller (floor 3)


Boss Time (floor 1)
City Chain (floor 2)
KS (floor 1)
Signature (floor G)
Swatch (floor 1)
Watch Station (floor 2)
White Brandname (floor G)


Dreamma (floor 2)


Dot Life (floor 3)
Power Buy (floor 2)
Sony (floor 3)
Vitchusin (floor 3)


B2S (floor 2)
Naiin (floor 4)
SE-ED (floor 4)


TOPS (floor G)


Sabrina (floor 2)
Victoria's Secret (floor 1)

Mobile Phones

AIS | Telewiz (floor 3)
Boonchai (floor 3)
CSC (floor 3)
Jaymart (floor 3)
Oppo (floor 3)
Radar Telecom (floor 3)
Samsung (floor 3)
Studio (floor 3)
TG Fone (floor 3)
Vitchusin (floor 3)
Vivo (floor 3)

IT Equipment

Banana (floor 3)
IT City (floor 3)
JIB (floor 3)
Studio (floor 3)

Mobile Network Provider

AIS (floor 3)
CAT (floor 3)
DTAC (floor 3)
True (floor 3)

Bed Linen

Zleep Sleep (floor 3)

Mobile Phone Accessories

AB Inter Service (floor 3)
Boat Shop (floor 3)
Dearna Phone (floor 3)
P.A. Phone (floor 3)


Absolute Yoga (floor 3)
Babies Genius (floor 3)
Bricks & Kidz (floor 3)
Clay Works (floor 3)
Inlingua (floor 3)
Math Talent (floor 3)
Yamaha Music School (floor 3)

Financial Services

AEON (floor 3)
Bangkok Bank (floor 3)
GH Bank (floor 3)
Kasikorn Bank (floor 3)
Krungsri Bank (floor 3)
Krungthai Bank (floor 3)
Muang Thai Life Assurance (floor 3)
Omsin Government Savings Bank (floor 3)
Siam Commercial Bank (floor 3)
Thai Life Insurance (floor 3)
TMB Bank (floor 3)
Umay+ (floor 3)

Food Supplements

GNC Live Well (floor G)


Fun Planet (floor 4)
Hat Yai Cineplex (floor 5)
Hat Yai Hall (floor 5)
Laser Tag (floor 4)
Mo Play (floor 5)
Rhythm & Bowl (floor 5)
Sub-Zero (floor 3)


Beauty Buffet (floor G)
Beauty Cottage (floor G)
Black Pearl (floor 1)
Cinderella (floor G)
DS Dermasensa (floor 1)
Gratiae (floor 1)
Kaka (floor G)
Kedma (floor 1)
Leilani Thailand (floor 4)
Lifeford (floor 1)
Mineral Makeup (floor 2)
Oriental Princess (floor 2)
Seacret (floor 1)
Skinfood (floor 2)
Yves Rocher (floor 2)

Children's Clothes

Kids Z1 Kids (floor G)

Camera Equipment

Big Camera (floor 3)
Foto Pro (floor 3)
World Camera (floor 3)
Zoom Camera (floor 3)


Toys R Us (floor 4)

Beauty Clinics

The Klinique (floor 4)
Nitipon Clinic (floor 4)
Pan Clinic (floor 4)
Pornkasem Clinic (floor 4)
Rajdhevee Clinic (floor 4)
Slim Up Center (floor 4)
Wuttisak Clinic (floor 4)

Eye Glasses

Eye Class (floor 4)
KT Optic (floor 4)
Optic Square (floor 4)
Rudy Project (floor 4)
Super (floor 1)

Hair & Nail Salons

Impress (floor 4)
Mirror Mirror (floor G)
Rue Royale (floor 4)

Household Goods

Daiso (floor 4)
Strawberry Club (floor G)


Boots (floor G)
P&F Superdrug (floor 4)
Watsons (floor 4)
Watsons (floor G)


Boomerang (floor 4)

Sports Equipment

Scuderia Ferrari (floor 1)


Bangkok Golds (floor 1)
Jubilee Diamond (floor 1)
KS (floor 1)
Pandora (floor 1)
U Diamond (floor 1)
Elizabeth Jewelry (floor 1)
Prima Diamond (floor 1)
Modern Diamond (floor 1)
Carob Jewelry (floor 1)
Dilavie (floor 1)

Bath & Shower

Bath & Body Works (floor 1)
The Body Shop (floor 2)
Botanique (floor 1)

Fashion Accessories

Montip (floor 1)
One Two Five (floor G)

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