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Buddha image at Kuan Im temple, Hat Yai

Buddha image at Kuan Im temple, Hat Yai


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Feedback related to this site about Hat Yai

Site Feedback

Unfortunately, I am not in a position where I can keep this web site permanently up to date. Things change very quickly in Hat Yai. New places open up, old places close down, prices go up, good places go bad, airlines cancel routes, airlines open new routes, etc etc. Also, as I live in Hat Yai, I don't use Hat Yai hotels myself.

Feedback from people visiting Hat Yai is therefore very important. If you want to comment on any aspect of your visit to Hat Yai, especially if your information will help someone else, feel free to contact me. Also, if you would like information on some aspect of Hat Yai that I haven't covered, please contact me.

In the same way, if something regarding this web site can be changed to make it more useful to visitors, I am always open to suggestions.

Finally, there is nothing I love more than having people who I've never met assess my character. If you fall into the category of budding psychoanalyst/psychologist/psychiatrist who wasn't academically bright enough to make a career out of your chosen profession, please feel free to put me on your imaginary couch.

And perhaps you would care to put something on the Internet and tell me where it is so that I could return the favour?


"This Phil fellow is condescending and colonial."

(That reminds me, I need to buy a new pith helmet. Tiffin, anyone?)

"I’ve spent numerous hours for the past 4 days exploring your site. I must say, it’s very honest and I really appreciate that rare value."

"Your website helped me tremendously. Kudos for putting Hatyai on the internet!"

Dear Sir, I am truly impressed by what you've shared on your website blog. It is quite comprehensive & easy to get an overall insight.

"I have been enjoying your travel tips especially in Hat Yai where I am now. But I have to say you sound very bitter, angry and negative. Enjoy life more..."

"Thanks for your efforts to inform about Hat Yai in general, a real help!"

"Your website is very well informed and well organized, better than the one i found at Wikepedia. However, could you please tone down the criticism of the Chinese, as i found some of the comments to be a bit offensive. As for the consumption of bird's nest and shark's fin, not all of us Chinese consume or condone their consumption."

"First I would love to send a huge thank you for having penned down your experiences on Hat Yai; from miscellaneous tips and advise to really good information on the hotels. I can't believe I was that lucky to accidentally find your blog. And I'm very happy that I did."

"I've been to Hat Yai so many uncountable times over the past 13 years, yet when I read your travel blog, I realize that I still missed a lot of stuffs & places. Anyhow I will be going this Songkran, hopefully can do the things that I read on your list :) If no one has informed you before, let me be the first... your blog is AWESOME! It's even WAYYYYY better than Wikipedia!! :) Great job man!!!"

"Love the website as it has lots of great information on Hat Yai."

"You certainly have a good knowledge of Hat Yai and I am not sure if you are still there but if so I would buy you a beer for the work you have put into this site."

"Thanks for having such a nice website, and trust me it is nice, or I wouldn't make it a point to contribute to it."

"Just to let you know I enjoyed your write up on Hatyai. I am a Malaysian and have been to Hyatyai a couple of times with my family for shopping and food. You are right about us not knowing that place apart from the centre of town. Your articles were real eye opener."

"My friends and I are planning a trip up there this week and we hope we are able to visit the places you have recommeded. Hopefully I can turn it into a journey of discover rather than an ordinary shopping cum eating excursion."

"Please keep up the good works and continue to update your so far."

"You are really a great help for traveller like us, even you have your own accommodation in Hat Yai, you still willing to share the experience. I really appreciated."

"The reason I am writing you is that I just wanted to say that I really like your website about Hat Yai."

"I am pleased to gone through the information of Hat Yai and I am very informed and entertained to read the information posted based on your experience. I agreed with all of your views in the site."

"Just want to congratulate you on the work you've put into this website. I've been in the area for 20+ years and am grateful that someone has at last displayed the information you've included"

"I have been an ardent fan of your website for a couple of years now. It is both insightful and entertaining. Like most Malaysian tourists, I used to regard Hat Yai (and Thailand as a whole) as a haven for cheap and easy sex. Your writings have changed my outlook and as a result, my family (wife and pre-teen son) have made Hat Yai our annual Christmas getaway destination since 2008. Keep writing, and know that your website is touching someone positively."

"Your website certainly help me a lot on Hatyai. I went to many places with your informative details and tips. Great writeup on many sections!"

"Thank you for your website. I did a bike ride around SEA and ended up going through Hat Yai three times. On the second time I found your website and it was the most useful thing imaginable. Altogether I spent 13 days in Hat Yai and found it to be one of the few cities in Thailand that I could imagine living in, and I look forward to returning there later this year after more in depth study of your website."

"I'm from Penang as you already knew that it's not far away from Hatyai and due to that I visit Hatyai quite often though after reading your blog, I think I have learnt more than I visit hatyai myself."

"I stumbled upon your website today and its been an invaluable source of information on Thale noi. Indeed, there otherwise seems to be a serious lack of information available."

"I'm from Penang and recently returned from a 4 days trip to Hatyaai (with my wife and two boys). We read your online postings and must say it has helped us a lot. Out trip was great and we enjoyed it very much. My wife is already making preparation for the next trip."

"I really like your Hat Yai web site, I went to Hat Yai twice after meeting a bright & amazing woman on Skype, I really appreciate the way you describe the city and barely make reference to the "Malay reason of going there" You have good writing skills and keep it up."

"Hello. I was in Hat Yai for a couple of days and wanted to drop you a line to say that I found your site very useful. I was online looking for some English language guidance on the social life in Hat Yai and your site had lots of good content, and I also appreciated the fact that you did not hold back your opinions."

"Thank you for your great blog regarding Hat Yai. It's a real goldmine. I'm living in Bangkok for 4 years now, and I'm preparing the arrival of a few expats next year in Hat Yai. You can imagine that I found your information extremely valuable.

"I have only spend a year in the city, and have found your site to have helped me understand it a lot better."

"Thank you so much for all the info you have on your website and i regretted not taking a look at it earlier at least i would have known the options i could have had."

"Hi Phil, you have a great website about Hat Yai."

"I last visited Hatyai more than 10 years ago. I am going there again in March 2011. Your site about Hatyai is up-to-date and GREAT ! Thanks a lot."

"I stumbled upon your website today and its been an invaluable source of information on Thale Noi. Indeed, there otherwise seems to be a serious lack of information available. Thanks again for taking to time to put together such a wonderful resource."

"I visited Hatyai for 1 week in March 2011 and returned home a week ago. I had a wonderful trip using the information you provided. Food sold in Chinese restaurants are quite expensive and i suggest tourist look for street food. These are the 'real' Thai food, cheaper and tastier, I may visit Hatyai again in May 2011. Thanks again for your information on Hatyai."

"Like most Malaysian tourists, I used to regard Hat Yai (and Thailand as a whole) as a haven for cheap and easy sex. Your writings have changed my outlook and as a result, my family (wife and pre-teen son) have made Hat Yai our annual Christmas getaway destination since 2008."

"The information you have posted on the Internet has been invaluable."

"I agree with your taking an issue on sex tourists, Thailand is a nice country and i feel dissappointed and regretful when i see tourists coming there just for the sex."

"hie there. im kavya, married indian wife.
me and my husband planning to visit HATYAI in few weeks time.
both of us are open to explore the nightlife.
we are really into threesome sex and more.
i have few questions to ask, please reply me with complete details to my email address my questions are :-
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  4. is there any swinging clubs or party in hatyai?
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kindly answer my questions because it can be useful to us to explore during our stay there. thank you for your time."

"Where can I find a young men sex service ( gigollo ) in Hadyai ? Is it possible if I want to experience this young male service in my bedroom ? How much i need to pay them & how long the service ?"

"First of all i would like to thank you for the detail write up of Hatyai which i believe had benefitted many visiting fellow Singaporeans/Malaysian out there."

"I am pleased to gone through the information of Hat yai and I am very informed and entertained to read the information posted based on your experience. I agreed with all of your views in the site. Anyway, I wish to provide the motivation and support on your page. I am genuine pleased with the information and wish more farang who choose their lives to stay in Hat yai can up the information on the city."

"I found your website while I was 'researching' for hotels in Hat Yai. Thank you for your informative website, it is really useful for a tourist."

"thanks for all these amazing info on HY"

"Thanks for all the information. You have no idea how much you have helped a fellow human."

"I found a lot useful information on your web - thanks for it."

"I really enjoy reading your guide about Hat Yai. I think you have done a really good work and it's a pleasure to read it."

"Thanks so much for you site! I have been reading for the last hour and a half."

"Thank you for your Hat Yai info."

"Anyway, I stumbled across it after Googling ''Living in Hat Yai'' or something similar. And may I say what an excellent source of information you have produced here."

"Im enjoying reading your article on Hatyai."

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"Hi, thank you for your superb information on Hat Yai. I will be going there soon and your website is absolutely supernice!"

"I love your Hat Yai site, as it is very informative and useful to me. It provides a lot of information on hotels, food, things to see and do. Of all websites I search about Hat Yai, nothing can beat yours. It has a local point of view."

"Just want to say, Keep up the good work, you have a very interesting and updated website."

"I have been browsing your web about Hatyai. It gives me enough informations for first-timer like me."

"I have never found any website about Hatyai quite like yours. You're a good observer, writer and funny on top of that! I especially love the food section. And haven't even finished reading it! And did I mention the pictures? Great!"

"Hi Phil, I find your website on Hatyai to be the most comprehensive guide to Hatyai."

"Just a note to say, firstly, how much I enjoyed your website."

"Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your guide of Hat Yai. I think you have done a very good work with the site. It's very informative and written in a way I like very much. Many things are described exactly in the way I found them to be ! If that means anything ! Keep up the good work."

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Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

Each link will take you to the relevant page on the Agoda website where you can see photos, read reviews, and book on-line. I use Agoda to book all of my own hotels in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Agoda hotel rates are usually always the lowest and I have received good customer service, therefore I am happy to recommend the company to other people. Here is some analysis I did regarding booking hotels in Southeast Asia. used to be more expensive than Agoda, but when I have checked hotel prices recently I have found their rates to be quite competitive. Unlike Agoda, you don't need to pay at the time of booking with - you can simply pay at the hotel when you check in. Also, show you total prices whereas Agoda show you a price and then add on 17% for tax and service charge.

If you want to compare prices between different on-line travel agents (OTAs) for a specific hotel, you can use a company such as HotelsCombined.

Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand