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Hat Yai | Hat Yai Healthcare Site Map

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  • Hospitals In Hat Yai [more]
  • Clinics In Hat Yai - Page 1 [more]
  • Clinics In Hat Yai - Page 2 [more]
  • Clinics In Hat Yai - Page 3 [more]
  • Dental Clinics In Hat Yai - Page 1 [more]
  • Dental Clinics In Hat Yai - Page 2 [more]
  • Plastic Surgery Clinics In Hat Yai [more]
  • Beauty Clinics In Hat Yai [more]
  • Animal Hospitals In Hat Yai [more]


Public hospital in Hat Yai, Thailand

Public hospital in Hat Yai, Thailand


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Hat Yai Healthcare Site Map

Hospitals In Hat Yai

  • Introduction
  • List Of Hospitals In Hat Yai
    • Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital
    • Rajyindee Hospital
    • Sikarin Hospital
    • Friendship Unity Hospital
    • Hat Yai Hospital
    • Prince Of Songkla Hospital

Clinics In Hat Yai Page 1

  • Introduction
  • What to do if you have a health problem in Hat Yai
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Language
  • List of clinics in Hat Yai
    • Acupuncture - Dr Bput
    • Acupuncture - Dr Pat
    • Blood Analysis - Clinic MT Lab
    • Blood Analysis - Clinic Hat Yai Lab
    • Bones and Throat - Dr Umnaat Meesutatum
    • Drug Addiction and General - Dr Prachaya
    • Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy - Dr Gowit
    • Eye - Dr Chakri
    • Eye - Dr Suren
    • Eye - Dr Wichai

Clinics In Hat Yai Page 2

  • List of clinics in Hat Yai
    • Heart - Dr Umnaat Ukarawinek
    • Mental Health - Dr Pichet Udomrat
    • Obstetrics - Dr Chutbpawit
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology - Dr Roengsak Leetanaporn
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology - Dr Somsuk
    • Pediatric - Pornsuk Clinic
    • Pediatric - Dr Sarintip
    • Pediatric - Dr Sasiwaraa
    • Pediatric - Dr Wutichai

Clinics In Hat Yai Page 3

  • List of clinics in Hat Yai
    • Respiratory - Dr Narongwit
    • Skin - Dr Somsuk
    • Skin - Dr Tawutchuy
    • Skin - Dr Virat
    • STDs - Dr Jitti
    • STDs - Hat Yai VD & AIDS Control Unit
    • Ultrasound 4D - Dr Somneuk

Dental Clinics In Hat Yai Page 1

  • Introduction
  • Language
  • List of dental clinics in Hat Yai
    • Dr Banchong Thavornton
    • Dr Bunleu
    • City Dental Center - Branch 1
    • City Dental Center - Branch 2
    • Dental Kingdom
    • Dentalland
    • Dentist's Home
    • Glai Mor Fun
    • iDent Dental Clinic
    • Khanchit Dental Clinic

Dental Clinics In Hat Yai Page 2

  • List of dental clinics in Hat Yai
    • Dr Korn
    • Dr Paitoon Dental Clinic
    • Prince of Songkla Dental Hospital
    • Smile Dental Clinic
    • Songchai Dental Clinic
    • Surin Dental Clinic
    • Dr Thongtip
    • Toranin Dental Clinic
    • Udom Dental Clinic
    • Whutthicha Dental Clinic
    • Witchuda Dental Clinic
    • Wiwat Dental Clinic
    • Yim Ying Fan Dental Clinic

Plastic Surgery Clinics In Hat Yai

  • Plastic Surgery In Hat Yai
  • List of beauty clinics in Hat Yai
    • Plastic Surgery - The Avenue Clinic
    • Plastic Surgery - Dr Kuldech
    • Plastic Surgery - Muangsombut Clinic
    • Plastic Surgery - Dr Nara
    • Plastic Surgery - P-Face Clinic
    • Plastic Surgery - Phi Beauty (NOW CLOSED)
    • Plastic Surgery - Dr Prinya
    • Plastic Surgery - Dr Sompojana

Beauty Clinics In Hat Yai

  • Introduction
  • Too Many Beauty Clinics?
  • List of beauty clinics in Hat Yai
    • Nitipon Clinic, Central Festival
    • Nitipon Clinic, Diana
    • Nitipon Clinic, Lee Gardens (NOW CLOSED)
    • Pan Clinic, Central Festival (NOW CLOSED)
    • Pewsuay (NOW CLOSED)
    • Pongsak Clinic, Diana
    • Pongsak Clinic, Lee Gardens (NOW CLOSED)
    • Pornkasem Clinic, Central Festival
    • Pruksa Cosmed
    • Rajdhevee Clinic, Central Festival (NOW CLOSED)
    • Rajdhevee Clinic, Lee Gardens (NOW CLOSED)
    • Skeyndor
    • Viva Beauty Clinic
    • VR Clinic
    • Wuttisak Clinic, Central Festival (NOW CLOSED)
    • Wuttisak Clinic, Diana

Animal Hospitals In Hat Yai

  • Introduction
  • List of animal hospitals and clinics in Hat Yai
    • Airport Vet
    • Dr Film Animal Clinic
    • Metta Animal Hospital Supasarnrangsan Branch
    • Metta Animal Hospital Niphat Uthit 3 Branch
    • Surasak And Friends Animal Hospital
    • Veterinary Teaching Hospital PSU

Get The Best Deal On Your Hat Yai Hotel Room

Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

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Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand