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Hat Yai | Hat Yai, Thailand

It's time to dust off those lockdown blues and take a trip to Hat Yai! You've come to the right place to plan your trip.

Many websites claim to know everything about Hat Yai, but these sites are not written by local people. This one is. I have lived in Hat Yai permanently since 2003 and consequently know the town and surrounding areas very well.

The purpose of this site is to give you the information to make your visit to Hat Yai as enjoyable as possible! If you can't find the information you need, please drop me a line. I am always happy to help people if I can.

Nobody pays me to provide this information and the site is free from advertising. However, I am an affiliate on some hotel booking sites and if you use the links within these pages to go to Agoda or when you are ready to make a booking I will receive a small commission. This money goes towards the costs associated with researching, maintaining and hosting this site.

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Hat Yai, City Of Fun, Thailand

Hat Yai, City Of Fun, Thailand


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Hat Yai, Southern Thailand

Covid-19 Situation In Hat Yai (13th June 2020)

Some previously closed restaurants in Hat Yai have now reopened, but some are only allowing two people to sit at each table and lots of menu items are unavailable. I've hardly been into the town centre these past few months, but I believe that the massage shops and beauty salons are still closed. Maybe there are a few open?

Most shops and department stores will only allow people in who are wearing masks and most have hand-washing facilities at the entrance. Some establishments are asking people to register their name and contact details when they enter.

I live near Hat Yai airport and there has hardly been a plane in the sky for several months. Just recently I've seen the odd plane or two and there are some signs that things are starting to return to normal. I went to the airport last month to use an ATM machine and it was totally surreal. The staff were all there, but there were no planes or passengers.

July 1st appears to be a significant date. This is when the local schools are due to reopen and other businesses will also open on this date. This is the date when inbound international flights will be allowed into Thailand again. I believe that travel in and out of Songkhla province, including at the Malaysia border crossings, is still restricted but this restriction could be lifted on July 1st.

The immigration department is open, but they are dealing with people outside the main office. I went there recently and was dealt with very quickly by a lovely, friendly lady who I had never met before. However, a Thai friend who deals with immigration on behalf of the foreign teachers she employs told me there was a four hour wait last month. From 26 March to 31 July visas are being extended automatically and the requirement for foreigners to report every 90 days has been suspended.

The situation is all very strange and completely unprecedented. Lots of locals are suffering financially because there is so much dependence (directly and indirectly) on the tourist trade and the extreme measures that have been taken to control Covid-19 have completely destroyed the tourist trade. We have been donating clothes and food to those people in need and my wife tells me that whenever some free food is available there are long lines of people waiting to receive it.

In an effort to revive the tourist industry, this year's Hat Yai Hard Sale (1st to 30th September) will be bigger than ever. Hopefully, everything should be open by September, therefore it would be a good time to visit. September is outside both the hot and rainy seasons and so the weather should be reasonable too.

I started creating this website shortly after I moved to Hat Yai in 2003 and there is a lot of information. If you want to find information about something that isn't listed above, take a look in the Site Map. If you still can't find what you're looking for, drop me an e-mail.


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Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

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Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand