The famous clocktower in Hat Yai, Thailand

The famous clocktower in Hat Yai, Thailand


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I live permanently in Thailand and book hotels in Thailand on average about five or six times a year. Booking on-line is the most convenient way to do this, but there are so many on-line hotel booking sites these days that finding the best deal can be quite confusing.

Even so, despite all the choice, I find myself using Agoda every time I book a hotel. Why?

Agoda was originally established in Thailand and continues to have a large operation in Thailand. The company's inventory of hotels in Thailand is probably the largest of any on-line booking company and there is always a lot of choice.

Naturally, I want the best deal available and like to take advantage of Agoda's 'Insider Deals'. Also, the 'Best Price Guarantee' means that if I do find a better deal elsewhere, Agoda will match or beat that price.

Agoda's website is easy to navigate and the on-line booking process is very efficient. Whenever I have had a problem or a query, which is very seldom, I have found their customer service operation to be prompt and courteous.

I trust Agoda and with so many scams taking place on the Internet, trust is a very important factor for me. Also, I earn points from each hotel booking and when enough points have been accrued I get further discounts on hotel bookings.

I don't feel happy about recommending products or services on my website that I don't use myself. With companies such as Agoda and Amazon, I do use their services regularly and I am very happy to recommend them to others.

Listed opposite are just a few suggestions for accommodation options in Hat Yai based on budget. Each link will take you to the relevant page on the Agoda website where you can see photos, read reviews, and book on-line.

For lots more accommodation options in Hat Yai I have listed 13 pages of hotels, guest houses, hostels and apartment buildings starting here.