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Hat Yai | Ten Cheap Places To Stay In Hat Yai

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Hatyai Backpackers Hostel

Hatyai Backpackers Hostel


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I live in Southeast Asia and have booked hundreds of hotels in this region. I have spent many hours researching hotel prices to get the best deal and I always end up booking through Agoda. Their rates are far lower compared to other companies or booking directly with hotels. Give them a try!

Ten Cheap Places To Stay In Hat Yai


Elsewhere on this site I have listed thirteen pages of accommodation options in Hat Yai. This list covers all types of accommodation, including long-term apartment rentals and Hat Yai's most expensive hotels. However, if you are in Hat Yai on a budget - or just passing through as a backpacker - and need a cheap hotel or hostel, this page may be more useful.

What is the definition of a cheap place to stay in Thailand?

When I first visited the country in 1987 and travelled to Koh Samui, which at that time was very undeveloped and almost deserted, I was paying Bt100 or Bt150 a night for accommodation. Those days have long since disappeared.

In recent years the cost of living has soared in Thailand and prices are a lot higher. It's still cheap compared to most other countries - especially for hotels - but not as cheap as it used to be.

Nowadays, I would say that anything less than Bt500 is classified as budget accommodation, and that is the criterion I have used for the list below. Be aware that if you stick rigidly to a maximum of Bt500 per night, it may only be enough to get you a fan room in some places. This is OK during some parts of the year, but sleeping in a room without A/C at the height of the hot season in southern Thailand isn't much fun.

Also be aware that the laws of supply and demand play a large part in the pricing of Hat Yai hotel rooms. For example, the room rates at Louise Guest House are normally Bt400 (fan) and Bt600 (A/C). However, when I enquired over the Chinese New Year holiday I was quoted Bt600 and Bt800. If you arrive during a festival or holiday period expect to pay more at most places.

I would add that unless you are on a really tight budget, it is worth paying a little more in Thailand because a few more Baht can often buy a big improvement in quality and comfort. When trying to be as stingy as possible with accommodation in Thailand, the phrase 'false economy' springs to mind.


Some of the room rates below may no longer be current and have quite possibly increased slightly since I last checked. I will check room rates again when I pass these places, but if you know of any errors please let me know.

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Click for more details about Preuksa Spa in Hat Yai


Cathay Guest House (★.5)

Cathay Guest House, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Good 6.5 - See here for details

Comments: Due to Lonely Planet's influence, this is probably the best known budget accommodation in Hat Yai. I have never stayed there, but I've been inside quite a few times. It wouldn't be my personal choice of places to stay, but lots of backpackers seem to like it.

Backpackers all tend to follow the same 'Banana Pancake Trail' and at Cathay they can meet like-minded people who can give them suggestions about things further along the trail. The people manning travel desk at Cathay are also very familiar with the requests that backpackers make.

Cathay is conveniently located near the train station and the downtown area.

Room Rate: Bt240 to Bt290

More Information: Cathay Guest House

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Chateau, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: Being closer to Lee Gardens Plaza, the Chateau is better located than the guest houses near the train station and it is also cheaper.

It looks fairly clean and because of the limited access to the building it looks fairly secure. For this price, don't expect anything very luxurious but this is another good option in Hat Yai for travellers on a budget.

Room Rate: Bt300 to Bt500

More Information: Chateau

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Chok Amnuay Hotel

Chok Amnuay Hotel, cheap hotel in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: This old style hotel probably looks exactly the same as it did 40 years ago. These places are becoming increasingly rare in Thailand and it will be a sad day when they all disappear. When I first visited Thailand in 1987 there were lots of hotels like this and thinking about that trip brings back happy memories.

Not only are these hotels a living piece of nostalgia, but they also serve a useful purpose. It is very difficult to find somewhere to stay in Hat Yai for Bt250 a night these days, but this is one of them. This is one of the cheapest hotels in Hat Yai.

Room Rate: Bt250 to Bt400

More Information: Chok Amnuay Hotel

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Genting Hotel

Genting Hotel, cheap hotel in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: Another cheap hotel in Hat Yai. When I first checked the room rate for this place I was quite surprised at how low it was (Bt390). The hotel underwent a refurbishment a few years ago and it looks quite comfortable.

It's a little way out of town, but if you don't mind walking you can walk to Lee Gardens Plaza fairly comfortably. If not, you can find motorbike taxis or tuk-tuks nearby. There is also a gymnasium downstairs if you want to work out.

The rooms are well equipped. A visitor to this site who stayed there in November 2014 told me that the rooms have fridges, flat-screen TVs and new furnishings. The rooms are air-conditioned, of course. He also told me that the room rate had risen to Bt500, but this still isn't expensive.

Considering that some guest house rooms consist of just four bare walls, an uncomfortable bed and a fan for the same price, the Genting Hotel represents something of a bargain.

Nothing is ever as it seems in Thailand. You may think that cheap guesthouses are the cheapest places to stay, but this isn't always the case. Some hotels are just as cheap - or cheaper - and represent far greater value for money.

Room Rate: Bt500

More Information: Genting Hotel

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Get Guesthouse (★.5)

Get's House, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.5 - See here for details

Comments: Just like English Bed and Breakfast accommodation, this accommodation is actually in the owner's private house. The owner likes to play with words, and Get's House is a play on Guest House.

The owner is an architect and he and his wife are really nice people. The house is narrow, but very comfortable inside and the location is in a fairly quiet Soi near to a large Chinese temple.

There are lots of places to eat nearby on Supasarnrangsan Road and it is only a 10 minute walk to Lee Gardens Plaza.

Room Rate: Bt399 to Bt599

More Information: Get Guesthouse

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Hasu Guest House

Hasu Guesthouse, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: If you want to stay close to Central Festival, this is a pleasant little place located two minutes away from the largest shopping mall in southern Thailand and the room rates are very reasonable.

Room Rate: Bt580

More Information: Hasu House

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Hostels & Dormitories

Hatyai Backpackers Hostel, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I haven't listed these places separately on this page because I don't think there is a lot of difference, but if you are a backpacker or budget traveller there are now at least five hostels (that I know of) in Hat Yai offering dormitory accommodation. A couple of years ago there were none.

All of these places are new, clean, well located near to the centre of town, and have friendly owners or managers. Sharing a room (particularly a bathroom) with strangers definitely wouldn't appeal to me, but if you want to spend as little as you can on accommodation it is good to have these options.

The Train Hotel also offers dormitory accommodation. When I went to look at this hotel the dormitories weren't finished, but they are open now. Agoda is offering rates as low as 7 USD per night on dormitory accommodation at The Train.

If you have an early train to catch the following morning, The Train Hotel is perfectly located. The rooms are big and clean and you can get a good breakfast at the restaurant downstairs adjacent to the platform.

Room Rate: Bt200 upwards

Hatyai Backpackers Hostel ()

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.3

More Information: Hatyai Backpackers Hostel

Hatyai Dee Hostel (★★)

Agoda Rating: Exceptional 9.8

More Information: Hatyai Dee Hostel

Hat Yai Youth Hostel ()

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.8

More Information: Hat Yai Youth Hostel

The Hive Hostel ()

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.1

More Information: The Hive Hostel

Hub Hostel (★★.5)

Agoda Rating: Not yet available

More Information: Hub Hostel

The Train Hotel (★★★)

Agoda Rating: Very good 7.9

More Information: The Train Hotel

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Ladda Guest House

Ladda Guest House, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: Ladda Guest House is a basic guest house located close to the railway station and Robinson Department store. It is also an easy walk to the Lee Gardens Plaza central tourist district.

Room Rate: Bt350 to Bt450

More Information: Ladda Guest House

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Sandee Room

Sandee Room, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: Sandee Room is a fairly new budget accommodation option in Hat Yai. It was only opened in February 2015. The location is very central and (considering the low room rate) the rooms are quite well appointed.

Room Rate: Bt500

More Information: Sandee Room

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Sorasilp Guest House (★★)

Sorasilp Guest House, cheap accommodation in Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Good 6.4 - See here for details

Comments: I won't go into details, but because of the way that written Thai works and because of the hopeless system of transliteration that is used to write Thai words in English, this place should be called the Sorasin Guest House.

It is located next to the Hat Yai Plaza area, where you can find the famous clocktower and the fresh market area. This area is pure Third World Thailand and good if you like photography.

The guest house is located above a restaurant and it looks fine.

Room Rate: Bt380 to Bt500

More Information: Sorasilp Guest House

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Get The Best Deal On Your Hat Yai Hotel Room

Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

Each link will take you to the relevant page on the Agoda website where you can see photos, read reviews, and book on-line. I use Agoda to book all of my own hotels in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Agoda hotel rates are usually always the lowest and I have received good customer service, therefore I am happy to recommend the company to other people. Here is some analysis I did regarding booking hotels in Southeast Asia. used to be more expensive than Agoda, but when I have checked hotel prices recently I have found their rates to be quite competitive. Unlike Agoda, you don't need to pay at the time of booking with - you can simply pay at the hotel when you check in. Also, show you total prices whereas Agoda show you a price and then add on 17% for tax and service charge.

If you want to compare prices between different on-line travel agents (OTAs) for a specific hotel, you can use a company such as HotelsCombined.

Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand