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Krua Reurn Thai

Krua Reurn Thai


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Ten Good Places To Eat In Hat Yai



Elsewhere on this site I have listed nine pages of restaurant options. The list below simply distills this information to 10 places that I believe are worthy of being recommended.

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Click for more details about Preuksa Spa in Hat Yai


The Basil

The Basil, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: The owners of The Basil used to live in Phuket and because of all the foreigners in Phuket they understand Western food. They have attempted to offer a more upmarket dining experience in Hat Yai.

The food and desserts are very good and they also offer pizzas and a wine list.

More Information: The Basil

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Billin Cafe Bistro

Billin Cafe Bistro - Click for larger image

Comments: Bill, the owner/chef at Billin, used to be a chef at the world famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, one of the finest hotels in the world.

When he opened his own cafe/restaurant in Hat Yai he brought the same high standards from his former workplace. If you want to eat at one of Hat Yai's more upmarket restaurants, this is a really nice place.

It's a little way from the central tourist district around Lee Gardens Plaza, but worth taking the effort to find.

More Information: Billin Cafe Bistro

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Bon Khao

Bon Khao Restaurant, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: The Thai food at Bon Khao is fine, but I am including it here more for its location. It is located on the hill behind the municipal park where you can find the Hat Yai observatory and various temples.

Hat Yai town centre is very crowded and nosiy and I find it claustrophobic and overwhelming at times. It is a great relief to escape the city and eating at Bon Khao makes for a great escape. The restaurant is quite high up on the hill and offers great views over Hat Yai and the surrounding area.

More Information: Bon Khao Restaurant

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De Van Cuisine

De Van Cuisine, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: My father belongs to the generation of English people that treats foreign food with much suspicion and the most 'exotic' dish he will consider eating is spaghetti bolognese.

When he visits Thailand it is a real problem finding food that he will eat because he will only eat the kind of food he is familiar with at home.

The fact that he enjoys eating at De Van Cuisine thus says a lot about the food. The owner, I believe, lived in New Zealand for a while and understands how to prepare Western food. The restaurants serves foreign steaks and they also serve a selection of pizzas. In addition, there is quite a reasonable wine list.

More Information: De Van Cuisine

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Gäp's Garten

Gäp's Garten, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: Lots of Thai restaurants in Hat Yai attempt to serve Western food, but most aren't particularly good and the portion sizes in Thai steak restaurants tends to be quite small.

Gäp's Garten is an aunthentic German restaurant run by Jan, an authentic German, and it serves authentic German food. The food is excellent and the portion sizes won't leave you hungry. The restaurant also stocks a good selection of foreign beers.

More Information: Gäp's Garten

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Kenta Hatyai

Kenta Hatyai Japanese restaurant, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: Japanese food is immensely popular in Hat Yai among the locals and consequently many Japanese restaurants have opened in recent years.

The Fuji chain is excellent, but it is quite expensive and beyond the means of many Thais. To cater for the lower end of the market several small restaurants have opened selling cheap Japanese food, but the quality isn't always very good.

Kenta is the execption to the rule. It is very clean and I find the food to be on a level with Fuji, but prices are very reasonable.

More Information: Kenta Hatyai

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Krua Reurn Thai

Krua Reurn Thai, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: This is the best Thai food dining experience in Hat Yai. The culture in southern Thailand is quite different to that in the central and northern regions, yet Krua Reurn Thai is the kind of restaurant that you might expect to find in the central or northern regions.

The inside of the restaurant, which doesn't seat many people, is just like being inside a traditional Thai teak house. The service is good and the food is excellent.

If I have guests visiting me in Hat Yai this is one place I definitely like to take them.

More Information: Krua Reurn Thai

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Puri Pizza & Steak

Puri Pizza and Steak, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I've lived in Thailand since 2003 and although I have adapted and acclimatised to many aspects of my new home, my stomach continues to have regular food cravings. Thai-style Western food is widely available, but most of it isn't very authentic.

Thais tell me that they like pizza, but the dishes described as pizza at places such as the Pizza Company are not what I consider to be pizza.

When I have a craving for a real pizza, this is where I go. The pizzas are prepared really well and they have a proper wood-fired pizza oven. Their burgers and other dishes are also good.

More Information: Puri Pizza & Steak

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Sabannga restaurant, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: This place used to be located on the road behind the university, but it relocated to a brand new building on the airport road.

The building is large, bright, airy and attractive, and the food is very tasty. It's a marked step up in quality over most restaurants in Hat Yai and it's not that expensive.

More Information: Sabannga

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Saneha Restaurant at the Centara Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: The food at all big hotels should be good, but unfortunately that isn't always the case in Hat Yai. A notable exception is at Saneha, one of the in-house restaurants at the Centara Hotel.

The 'à la carte' menu is very good with a selection of both Thai and Western food. However, what I really like is the buffet. Some other big hotels in Hat Yai offer a buffet, but the food is quite poor.

At Saneha it is excellent. There is a wide choice of food, it is all fresh, and it is really good.

More Information: Saneha Restaurant

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