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K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M adapter

K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M adapter


Get The Best Deal When Booking Hotels In Southeast Asia

I have lived in Thailand since 2003 and book hotels in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region at least six times a year.

Every time I book a hotel I spend lots of time researching prices to make sure that I get the best room rate. I look at several on-line booking sites and if the hotel has a web site (many do) I check the direct rates.

Nonetheless, I always find that I end up booking with the same company. Agoda. Getting the room I need with the extras I need for the dates I need is always cheapest with Agoda.

Agoda isn't perfect. I don't like the 'Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)' psychology with the web site design, for example, always being told that lots of other people are looking at the same hotel and that there is only ever one room left. However, this seems to be a general industry tactic that is used by all on-line travel agents.

When I have needed to contact the Agoda customer assistance staff I have always had my problems resolved and generally the booking process is very straightforward.

Most importantly, I always find that Agoda offers the best rates (even when they add on tax and a service charge) and on many occasions the difference hasn't been insignificant. There have been some huge differences with room rates when compared with other websites and even when booking directly with hotels.

Don't just take my word for it. Give them a try, you might be surprised.

K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M Adapter Review

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K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M adapter

K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M adapter


K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M adapter

K&F Concept Canon FD to EOS M adapter




From 1982 to 2003 I used Canon film bodies with Canon FD manual focus lenses. After moving to digital I put my old gear in storage, but retrieved some in 2017. I didn't see much use for it, but wondered whether some of my old FD lenses might be worth using again. Of course, I needed an adapter to mount these lenses on digital bodies. Various companies make these, but K&F Concept make a huge range of adapters. They are quite cheap and I bought mine on-line through Lazada, but they are available through other on-line sources, such as Amazon.

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Shutter Release

After initially mounting the adapter and lens I found that the shutter would not release. The adapter is purely mechanical and has no electrical connections because the lens is purely mechanical and has no electrical components. Thus the camera body does not recognise that a lens is attached.

This can be fixed by using Fn. 7 to release the shutter without a lens attached.

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FD lenses have an aperture ring that can be left in 'A' (automatic mode) or rotated to select an aperture manually. However, it works in conjunction with pins and levers on the back of the lens which are normally operated by a Canon manual focus body. When the lens isn't on a manual focus body the aperture can be adjusted manually using the aperture ring if you press various pins and activate levers, but it isn't straightforward. If you search on YouTube you will find videos describing how to do this.

I just leave the lens aperture fully open and adjust the ISO and shutter speed on the body to get the correct aperture. When viewing images the histogram can be used to check the exposure.

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Focusing manually isn't difficult, but it takes a little time. It is easier to do with the magnified view in Live View. On the camera 'Info' screen there is a small magnifying glass symbol. Press it once for 5x magnification and again for 10x magnification. The increased magnification makes focusing easier.

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On the FD lens side the mount is metal, but on the camera side it is plastic. It is strong enough to do the job and doesn't feel weak or flimsy.

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Image Quality

Unlike a teleconverter there are no optics in the adapter. It is closer to an extension tube than a teleconverter, except there are no electrical contacts as there are in an extension tube. Consequently, there is no image degradation caused by low quality optics. However, in certain conditions I did notice quite a lot of vignetting with the Canon FD 300m f/4 lens and this might be caused by the adapter.

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Millions of FD lenses were produced and probably not many are in use these days. Adapting them for use with EF mount SLR bodies didn't work well because of the problems of focusing at infinity. However, with the advent of mirrorless cameras, such as the Canon EOS M, this isn't a problem.

If you own old FD lenses or find cheap FD lenses for sale and want to use them on your MILC body you can do so for little cost using an adapter like th K&F Concept one. Other brands are available and I have seen mention of 'high quality' adapters in forums, but because there are no internal optics this one will work as well as any other.

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Visit Thailand

Thailand is an incredibly photogenic country, both for its landscapes and its people. Regardless of whether you enjoy large Asian cities, beaches and islands, or rice fields and mountains, Thailand has something for you and it is a dream destination for photographers.

One of the great things about visiting Thailand is that hotels are plentiful and a lot cheaper than in most other countries. Each link on the right will take you to the relevant page on the Agoda website where you can see photos, read reviews, and book on-line. I use Agoda to book all of my own hotels in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Agoda hotel rates are usually always the lowest and I have received good customer service, therefore I am happy to recommend the company to other people. Here is some analysis I did regarding booking hotels in Southeast Asia. used to be more expensive than Agoda, but when I have checked hotel prices recently I have found their rates to be quite competitive. Unlike Agoda, you don't need to pay at the time of booking with - you can simply pay at the hotel when you check in. Also, show you total prices whereas Agoda show you a price and then add on 17% for tax and service charge.

If you want to compare prices between different on-line travel agents (OTAs) for a specific hotel, you can use a company such as HotelsCombined.

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Images of Thailand