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Singapore Images



My Photos

Here are just a few of the photos I have taken in Singapore. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger pop-up image (javascript required).

The Singapore river - Click for larger image
The Singapore River, once filthy and a thriving commercial centre, now clean and quiet.
Chinese Buddha image, Singapore - Click for larger image
Chinese Buddha image for sale in Chinatown.
Storm clouds, Singapore - Click for larger image
Singapore is wet and humid all year round and when it rains, it really rains. The sky turns black and then the heavens open.
Memories of times gone by in Singapore - Click for larger image
Nothing much of the old way of life remains in Singapore apart some objects and photos in museums and statues like this that can be found around the city. I think they are wonderful.
Novena, a very pleasant business and residential area of Singapore - Click for larger image
Modern office blocks and fountain at Novena.
Singaporeans will bore you to death taking about Mancester United - Click for larger image
The Manchester United shop on Orchard Road. Singaporeans will tell you how they love football, especially English football. The truth of the matter is that Singaporeans treat football just as they treat anything else and opt for the most expensive brand. They don't actually know very much about football but can talk at length about the world's biggest clubs - Man U, Liverpool, Real Madrid, etc. There are few things in life more boring than getting involved in a discussion about football with a Singaporean. It's very sad.
Mock tudor shopping arcade in Singapore - Click for larger image
A mock Tudor style shopping arcade on Orchard Road. This was once a thriving British colony and there are reminders of this around the island.
Wanted in Singapore for not paying his debts - Click for larger image
I was rather taken aback when I saw this poster. Just outside Somerset MRT station is a notice board where people can post ads free of charge. Next to the usual offers for language lessons and household items for sale was this 'Wanted' poster. Apparently the guy owed some money and then disappeared. He is warned that even if he doesn't pay now he will pay in hell.
Sultan Mosque in Singapore - Click for larger image
The population of Singapore is made up of a diverse ethnic mix which includes a lot of Muslims. This is Sultan Mosque on Arab Street.
Birdcage in Singapore's Chinatown district - Click for larger image
Bird cage in a house in Chinatown. The Chinese love to keep caged birds.
Singapore's government even teaches its citizens how to use the toilet - Click for larger image
Famous for telling its citizens what to do, the Singapore government has issued posters to encourage the use of good behaviour in public toilets.
Garlands for sale in the Little India district of Singapore - Click for larger image
Colourful flowers and garlands for sale in Little India.

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