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Thai Language Lessons - Lesson 2


Date of lesson: Wednesday 4th February 2004

Nouns And Classifiers

a pen = (l)bpahk-gah
one pen = (l)bpahk-gah (l)neung (r)darm

a watch = nah-li-gah
one watch = nah-li-gah (l)neung reu-un

I have two pens = (r)phom mii (l)bpahk-gah (r)sawng (r)darm

a book = nahng!-(r)siew
one book = nahng!-(r)siew (l)neung (f)lem!

a computer = khawm-pu-to
one computer = khawm-pu-to (l)neung (f)khrueang

These are just a few examples of different classifiers - (r)darm, reu-un, (f)lem!, (f)khrueang. Goong says there are hundreds but one of my books mentions there are around 80 - I don't know the exact figure. The difficulty lies in remembering which is the correct classifier for the object in question.

a red pen = (l)bpahk-gah (r)sii daeng
one red pen = (l)bpahk-gah (r)sii daeng (l)neung (r)darm

a big house = (f)bahn (l)yai!
one big house = (f)bahn (l)yai! (l)neung (r)lahng


(r)sii dam = black
(r)sii (r)khao = white
(r)sii daeng = red
(r)sii (h)nahm! dtahn = brown
(r)sii (r)kiew = green
(r)sii (h)nahm!-ngun! = blue
(r)sii (r)leu-ung = yellow

(r)sii (r)leu-ung (l)awn = light yellow
(r)sii (r)leu-ung (h)kem = dark yellow

I have three red books, two green watches and five brown pens.
(r)phom mii nahng!-(r)siew (r)sii daeng (r)saam (f)lem!, nah-li-gah (r)sii (r)kiew (r)sawng reu-un lah! (l)bpahk-gah (r)sii (h)nahm! dtahn (f)haa (r)darm

Asking For Things

a can of coke = (r)coke (l)neung gra-(r)bpawng!

a cup of coffee = gah-fae (l)neung (f)tu-ay

(r) phom (f)dtawng gahn gah-fae yen! (h)khrap!

(f)dtawng gahn = to need yen! = cold

ow! (want) can be used instead

(r)phom ow! gah-fae yen! hkrap!

(r)phom (l)yahk (r)dai gah-fae yen! = I would like a cold coffee

ka-(r)nohm!-bpang = bread

eat = gin! (informal); tahn (polite); (h)rahp!-bpra!-tahn (very polite)

(r)pohm yaak tahn ... = I like eating ...

(l)phat (l)phak! (f)ruam mit

(l)phat = fried
(l)phak! = vegetables
(f)ruam mit = a mixture

(f)tom yam (f)ruam mit = spicy soup with a mixture of ingredients

(r)kreung gang (l)gai!/(f)goong!/(h)ta!-leh = spicy chicken/shrimp/seafood

orange juice = (h)naam (f)som kun!
lime juice = (h)naam ma!-now kun!
watermelon juice = (h)naam dtaang moh kun!
apple juice = (h)naam ah!-puhn! kun!
pineapple juice = (h)naam (l)sahp!-bpa-(h)roht! kun!

frozen ice lime drink = (h)naam ma!-now bun!

tea = (h)nahm! chah
can = gra-(r)bpawng!
bottle = (l)ku-ut

I'd like a cup of cold tea, two bottles of coke and fried rice
(r) phom (f)dtawng gahn [(r)phom (l)yahk (r)dai] chah yen!, (r)coke (r)sawng gra-(r)bpawng! lah! (f)khaao (l)phat

a bottle of fish sauce = (h)naam bplaa (l)neung kheuadt

I'd like two pieces of bread, a bottle of fish sauce, three yellow books and a blue notebook
(r)phom (l)yahk (r)dai ka-(r)nohm!-bpang (r)sawng (h)chin!, nahng!-(r)siew (r)sii (r)leu-ung (r)saam (f)lem! lah! sa-(l)moot! (r)sii (h)nahm!-ngun! (l)neung (f)lem!

notebook = sa-(l)moot!
two notebooks = sa-(l)moot! (r)sawng (f)lem!

desk / table = (h)dto!
two tables = (h)dto! (r)sawng dtu-ah

chair = (f)gow!-ee
two chairs = (f)gow!-ee (r)sawng dtu-ah

ruler = (h)mai bahn-(h)taht!
two rulers = (h)mai bahn-(h)taht! (r)sawng (f)lem!

pencil = din!-(r)saw
two pencils = din!-(r)saw (r)sawng (f)thang

room = (f)hawng!
two rooms = (f)hawng! (r)sawng (f)hawng!

In this room there are four white tables, three pens, two notebooks, a computer, three books, a clock and a chair
nai! (f)hawng! (h)nii mii (h)dto! (r)sii (r)khao (l)sii dtu-ah, (l)bpahk-gah (r)saam (r)darm, sa-(l)moot! (r)sawng (f)lem!, khawm-pu-to (l)neung (f)khrueang, nah-li-gah (l)neung reu-un lah! (f)gow!-ee (l)neung dtu-ah

this = (h)nii
that = (h)nahn!
this room = (f)hawng! (h)nii
that room = (f)hawng! (h)nahn!
in that room = nai! (f)hawng! (h)nahn!

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