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Thai Language Lessons - Lesson 8


Date of lesson: Monday 23rd February 2004

Health And Illness (contd.)

Take one tablet, three times a day after meals
tahn (gin!) yah (l)neung med, (r)saam (h)krahng! (l)dtaw wan! (r)lahng! ah-(r)hahn

yah = medicine
med = the classifier for yah (medicine)
(l)dtaw wan! = per day
(r)lahng! ah-(r)hahn = after meals
(l)gawn = before

Take two tablets a day, one after breakfast and one before going to bed
tahn (gin!) yah (r)sawng med (l)dtaw wan! (l)gawn ah-(r)hahn (h)chao (l)neung med lae! (l)gawn nawn (l)neung med

Drink plenty of water
gin / (l)duem (h)naam (f)maak (f)maak

Stay in bed to rest
nawn (h)pahk-(l)paun! (f)maak (f)maak

(h)pahk-(l)paun! = to rest

week (7 days) = ah-(h)tit! or (l)sahp!-dah

Stop smoking!
(l)yoot! (l)soop boo!-(l)ree

(l)yoot! = stop
(l)soop boo!-(l)ree = to smoke a cigarette
boo!-(l)ree = cigarette

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages
(l)yoot! gin / (l)duem (l)soo!-ra or (l)yoot! gin / (l)duem (f)lao!

alcoholic beverage = (l)soo!-ra (formal) or (f)lao! (informal)

Have at least 8 hours sleep a night
nawn (l)lahp! keun (h)la! (l)bpaat (f)chua mohng pen (l)yahng (h)noi

'nawn' and 'nawn (l)lahp!', for the verb 'to sleep' are interchangeable
keun = night
pen (l)yahng (h)noi = at least

Take two tablets a day
tahn (gin!) yah wan! (r)sawng med

I think that you'll recover in a few days
(r)phom (h)khit! (f)wah khun! (l)ja! (h)kauy!-yang-(h)chua! nai (r)sawng-(r)saam wan

(r)phom (h)khit! (f)wah = I think that
(h)kauy!-yang-(h)chua! = recover
nai = in
(r)sawng-(r)saam = a few
dii (f)keun! = feel better (an alternative to (h)kauy!-yang-(h)chua!)
nai (f)mai! (h)cha = soon

Nothing serious
(f)mai! mii ah!-rai roon-rang

(f)mai! mii ah!-rai = nothing roon-rang = serious (f)mai! roon-rang = not serious (short version)

If you do not improve within a few days, please return to see me
(f)tah khun! (f)mai! dii (f)keun! phaai-nai (r)sawng-(r)saam wan (l)bproht (l)glahp! mah (r)ha (r)phom

(f)tah = if
phaai-nai = within (a time period)
(l)glahp! mah = return to (come back)
(r)ha = see

Don't worry, it's a common illness and you'll recover soon
(l)yah kang-won man pen ar-gaan (l)bpuay tam-ma-da lae! khun! ja dii (f)keun! nai (f)mai! (h)cha

(l)yah = don't
kang-won = worry
tam-ma-da = common
ar-gaan (l)bpuay = illness

At The Hotel

May I help you, sir?
mii ah!-rai (h)hai! (f)chu-ay (r)mai

I'd like to have a room for 2 weeks
(r)phom (l)yaak dai (f)hawng!-(h)pakh! sak (r)sawng (l)sahp!-dah (l)neung hawng!

(f)hawng!-(h)pakh! = room in a hotel
hawng! = the classifier for (f)hawng!
sak (r)sawng (l)sahp!-dah = for two weeks
sak (r)sawng deu-un = for two months

I'd like to have a room for tonight
(r)phom (l)yaak dai (f)hawng!-(h)pakh! (r)sahm!-(l)rahp! keun (h)nii (l)neung hawng!

(r)sahm!-(l)rahp! = for
keun (h)nii = tonight

I'd like a room for two nights
(r)phom (l)yaak dai (f)hawng!-(h)pakh! sak (r)sawng keun (l)neung hawng!

Single or double?
(f)hawng!-(h)pakh! (h)ti! mii dti-ung (l)diew (r)reu (f)hawng!-(h)pakh! (h)ti! mii dti-ung (f)koo

dti-ung (l)diew = single bed
dti-ung (f)koo = double bed
(r)reu = or

I want a room with a private bathroom
(r)phom (l)yaak dai (f)hawng!-(h)pakh! (h)ti! mii (f)hawng! (h)nahm (l)su-an dtoo-uh

(l)su-an dtoo-uh = private

Did you make a reservation?
khun! jawng wai (r)reu (l)yang!

jawng = to reserve
wai (r)reu (l)yang! = turns the phrase into a question
The 'wai' can be left in or dropped from the sentence.

No, I didn't
(l)yang! (f)mai! jawng

Yes, I did
jawng (h)la-ew

We have a room reserved for you
rao mii (f)hawng! (h)ti! jawng (f)wai (h)hai khun!

(h)ti! jawng = reserved
(f)wai (h)hai = for

What is the price of the room?
rah-kah (f)hawng! (f)tao!-(l)rai!

rah-kah = price
(f)tao!-(l)rai! = how much?

750 Baht a day
wan (h)la! 750 Baht
750 Baht (l)dtaw wan

Do you have anything cheaper?
Mii (f)hawng! rah-kah (l)took-(l)gwaa (h)ni! (h)mai!

(l)took = cheap
(l)took-(l)gwaa = cheaper
paang = expensive
paang-(l)gwaa = more expensive
paang (f)tii (l)soot! = most expensive

Are you checking in now?
khun! ja long-ta-bian-(h)kao!-(f)pak (r)dee-oh (h)nii (h)mai!

long-ta-bian-(h)kao!-(f)pak = 'check-in' although the English phrases 'check-in' and 'check-out' are also used in Thailand
long-ta-bian-ork = 'check-out'
(r)dee-oh (h)nii = now

How long do you plan to stay?
khun! (l)ja! (l)yoo naan (f)tao!-(l)rai!

(l)ja! = will
(l)yoo = stay

Where do you stay?
khun! (h)pak! (l)yoo (h)ti! (r)nai

Where do you come from?
khun! ma jaak (h)ti! (r)nai

Will you please sign the register
ga!-roo!-nah lohng! (f)cheu (wide-mouth)

ga!-roo!-nah = would you mind
lohng! (f)cheu = to sign one's name

Have the bellboy bring up my bags please
(l)bproht (h)hai! (l)dek!-(h)rab!-(f)chai nahm! gra-(r)bpow! (r)khawng (r)phom (h)keun! pai (h)duay!

nahm! = to bring
nahm! (h)keun! pai = to bring up
gra-(r)bpow! = bags / luggage
(r)khawng (r)phom = my
(h)duay! = also / too (goes at the end of a lot of Thai sentences)

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