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The new guardians of the temples in Ayuthaya

The new guardians of the temples in Ayuthaya


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Thailand - Feedback


How kind people can be. The vast majority of feedback I have been sent about this site has been humbling and encouraging. It is very much appreciated so thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write. Here are a few extracts; all comments remain unedited.

"Awesome!!!! You have a great website full of very useful information for farangs like myself who think they are streetwise when it comes to Thai girls."
"I do admire your articles, contained on your website. I have been reading lots of articles for my assignment. I found your webpage by chance. I have read many of your articles written about Thailand and Thai and our culture."
"Your website and information on Thailand ia very well written and contains a ton of great information and insight."
"Just to say thanks for your site and the work you have put in to it. I enjoyed reading it and felt I had learnt enough to make me want to learn more about Thailand."
"Wow, I'm impressed. The amount of work and information is mind blowing. I'm current involved with a girl I met online through a dating site, and some of the information you provided gives me pause. I'm also going to be retiring to thailand in the next couple of years and the information you have provided is more then great. Thanks of all you effort on this site, you should receive so sort of award."
"Phil, just wanted to say that you have put together a brilliant and imfomative site, me and a friend are hoping to come to Thailand in August to teach English for a year and this has been the most imformative site that we have come across. Thanks a million"
"I think you should write a book "The other side of Thailand", you write very well and have some great insight."
"I have read your site fully and find it prbably the most helpfull and detailed subject about thai females.It has also given me a little help as well."
"I have been reading your website today and what a great site it is. I have plenty more to read and maybe will print some off to read on the plane when i come over next week."
"I just want to drop some lines, because we (my wife and myself) appreciate your work so much. I was looking for a website which can be helpful to learn the thai language. So I ran into yours. Before, I checked many others but they always lacked of something. The other problem was, that many sites threw all the informations at us at once. Total overload. Your site is absolute perfect. I don't know who you are and what you do - but what you did is quite perfect. We have real fun to learn with your method. You should publish your information in a book. Maybe you did already. If not you should."
"I find your site fascinating and it (the blog) in part mirrors my thoughts and experiences here in Thailand , apart from being much older than you and gay. Hope you keep up the good work and I shall be a regular reader!"
"I wanted to send you a note to thank you for a great website."
"Just wanted to stop by and say how impressed I am with your site. I really did enjoy reading through the massive amount of pages that you have donated to the Thai culture."
"I've been reading your blog every day for about a month now. Very much enjoy your keen observations about Thailand, and, especially, your insights into behavior and values here."
"Just read a few articles on your site, and I thought they were very good. Congratulations on such a good and interesting site that you have.I myself live in Thailand and can relate to a lot of what you wrote, p.s kept me busy and entertained for many an hour.Keep up the good work!"
"I just wanted to say thanks dude for posting your comments about the girl scene in Thailand . They have been the most rational, even-handed, and thoughtful ruminations I've found on an internet full of trashy, sleazy men recording their limited experiences. Once I started reading your stuff I couldn't stop, and I thought I'd write you a letter to try to get your thoughts on my situation. I would greatly appreciate your wisdom to no end."
"I don't quite know how I stumbled on but I am very glad I did."
"I recently found your website and really liked the information. It makes sense and I think I have understood some of the "strange things" my Thai girlfriend does a lot more."
"wow what a good site; one of the best on the web that Ive seen discussing Thailand"
"Just a quick hello from me in Cornwall....Top website ...overviewed nearly all of it..very absorbing."
"Hi - just wanted to say 'thanks' for the site! great job!"
"Been reading your posts (and some daily blogs so far) and found your perspectives very fair & balance, and very interesting to say the least."
"I stumbled on your site today. Excellent find; I wish I had found it a year ago."
" I owe you 10 quid for all your advice. Hi Phil thanks for your info pages. I have been using them to get around Thailand. I agree that Farangs seem to rave about places that aren't very good."
"Hi Phil, Just wanted to say good job on your entertaining and informative website."
"Just a quick note to let you know that I find your web site great and appreciate your blog. It's all easy and entertaining to read which I think means you're actually quite a good writer."
"... thanks for the information that i needed to go to Thailand for my first trip there ever in April of 08"
"Not something I would normally do but just a quick thanks... spent most of yesterday reading your thoughts and experences in Thailand."
"I have been reading your website today and what a great site it is. I have plenty more to read and maybe will print some off to read on the plane when i come over next week."
"I have read your site fully and find it prbably the most helpfull and detailed subject about thai females.It has also given me a little help as well."
"I just stumbled across this web site and found it to be extremely informative, entertaining and very well written."

(Phil: This was a forum posting and the response follows.)

"I found the site very interesting if a little wordy. Particulary the piece on Thai culture and behaviour. But after living in Thailand he obviously has not quite chilled..."

(Phil: Yep, this is just what I thought after reading Niels Mulder's work; another farang who obviously hasn't quite 'chilled'. Why did he have to use so many words? Why waste time reading about Thailand when you could be in a bar? Sorry for not being as 'chilled out' as you wanted me to be. I promise in future to stop observing the world around me and instead will sit in a bar all day throwing Singhas down my neck to achieve the desired 'chilled' effect. This comment came from an armchair critic and Thailand 'expert' who appears to live in England. Thank you for your analysis and personality assessment.)

"I need some happiness at my time of life but will heed the warnings in your site it is very helpfull and you should be proud of the effort and content."
"I`m very impressed with everything you had to say.You obviously have a good feel of what your talking about and I have to respect your experience.It should be a priority for men to read what I have read before going to Thialand no matter what their reasoning.No, it shouldn`t be read once,but twice maybe the third time before takeoff."

"I have been reading with interest the website. In the last 21 months, I have spent about 12 months in Thailand - and your website was something that I really needed at this point. I beleive I am in the 'Stage Five - Reality Check and Decision Time', and any information/discussion/viewpoint that goes deeper than the usual superficial stuff available is important to me."

"I would just like to say I have spent hours reading the stories and information included on your site and found it quite addictive."
"Your article at: was the most informative I have read so far. I was impressed you lived through some of it, and can speak from experiance."
"i've been visiting your wesbite recently and find it very interesting."
"ur an inspiration"
"I have been reading some of the information on your site and really wished to god that I'd have seen it before my first trip to Bangkok in March. The more I've read from your very well-written stories, the more I realise just how much I needed this information before visiting on business"
"I do admire your articles, contained on your website."
"I like your view when you compare Thailand to Singpore, you are absolutly right."
"Your website and information on Thailand ia very well written and contains a ton of great information and insight."
"Ive been using your site as a bible for my travels to thailand"
"Just to say thanks for your site and the work you have put in to it. I enjoyed reading it and felt I had learnt enough to make me want to learn more about Thailand."
"Excelent site and advice."
"Phil, just wanted to say that you have put together a brilliant and imfomative site"
"First of all I have to say that I really enjoy your homepage!"
"May I commend you on the very thorough and well constructed 'guide to Thailand' web site you have created."
"Many thanks for putting together such an honest and informative site."
"I've just read most of your website and would be grateful of your opinion."
"As someone who has lived in Thailand for nearly one year, I praise your website for its accuracy and, myself, totally agree with what you have written on various aspects of liviing in the country."
"I must be brief, but, believe you are doing what is right and you are making a difference,one God would be proud, please do not stop, as I said before,the people you do help do not often write."
"Firstly, congratulations on your splendid Thailand Website. You are to be congratulated on constructing such a comprehensive, informative, and topical series of pages. The very best I have seen from the numerous sites I have visited."
"your web site is spot on mate"
"I believe your website should be published and made available in hardcopy. I would even pay a few Bath for a copy!!"
"Compliments on the work you have done on the website. Its a great read."
And saving the best to last; I reproduce this e-mail in full. Our friend actually makes some points that I agree with but he has a strange way of putting them across.

"Your incites into the souls of Thai girls are superficial and you see with the eyes of a man, which means you are blind and see nothing! You fail to understand that their is a way to be close to good Thai girls and that includes the most beautiful and sexiest girls in the Kingdom...I am an American man who has lived in Din Daeng for 5 years...I do not drink or party and I have never paid for sex in my life. I am into fitness and business...I never stair at the girls or approach them, rather I dress smart every time I leave my apartment and treat them with respect every day...I never bring bar girls to my apartment and the word is out about me...All the girls in my neighborhood talk about me behind my back..What they say is; I am diffirrent from the other Farangs...they all know I never buy sex girls and because of that the same super sexy good girls and schoolgirls who would never give a chance to the other white men approach me and want to be my friend...When I walk down the street they all wave and say hello and smile...I now have so many gorgious Thai female friends I cannot keep up with them all...They clean my apartment for free and come over to watch movies at night...We swim together and go on holidays together and love each other...I never ask them for sex or touch them...As a result they trust me 100% and several of them are now my secret lovers...but I do not pay them or buy them scooters or Thai gold or mobile phones...ever!...I do give a bit of money to a few of them sometimes but that is because I know them so well and understand each ones life situation...None of my girl friends are prostitutes...ZERO....they are all good girls....101%...That is the life I have made for myself...I do not have a single male friend in the entire world...My a girls world...And I am living proof that money cannot buy the good girls of this magical requires trust and being decent and establishing yourself in one place for and extended period of time to win that trust...That is how you get under their skin and into their hearts...there are some things money cannot buy! Such as the true friendship of a good Thai girl who cries when you are not happy! The next time you update your website write the following...Tell the Farangs living in Thailand that if they are seen walking in their neighborhood one single time with a sex girl "Bar Girl" they are finished....The word will spread and the street vendors will talk and that man will never score a good girl near his home...All trust will have been destroyed...And non-prostitute beautiful Thai girls will look at him like the whore he trully is...Tell you readers the truth MR. PHIL...which is...The sex workers of Thailand are not prostitutes...they are victoms trapped in a man made cycle of sexual exploitation..Tell the men that they are the prostitutes and whores...I hate Farangs who buy Thai girls for sex and want to kill them all...Tell them to go home to the fat ugly white women they deserve! "Pigs for Pigs"

In tens years time the girls trapped in todays Thai sex industry will be stretched out and used up and will have been replaced by girls who are 10 years old as you read these words.

In ten years time many of todays sex workers will probably be back in their ancestral villages; and they will not have a single Baht remaining from the money which drunken farangs paid for their naked bodies thousands of times.

They will have only shattered deams and a life destined to obscurity remembering the devils in their vagina....So very sad...they are not men...they are criminals guilty of crimes against humanity...I hate them all with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Visit Thailand

Thailand is an incredibly photogenic country, both for its landscapes and its people. Regardless of whether you enjoy large Asian cities, beaches and islands, or rice fields and mountains, Thailand has something for you and it is a dream destination for photographers.

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Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand