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Thai Language Lessons - Lesson 4


Date of lesson: Monday 9th February 2004

Excuses And Apologies

Excuse me = (r)kor (f)thodt

I'm sorry = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai!

I'm very sorry = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! (f)maak

I'm sorry (to hear) about that = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! (r)duay

I'm sorry I'm late = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! (h)ti ma (r)sai or (r)phom (r)kor (f)thodt (h)ti ma (r)sai

I'm sorry I kept you waiting = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! (h)ti tam (h)hai! khun koy

koy = to wait

I'm sorry I can't help you = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! (h)ti (f)chu-ay khun (f)mai! (f)dai!

(f)chu-ay = to help

It was my carelessness = muhn! bpen! kwarm (l)pra!-maat

muhn! = it
bpen! = verb to be
muhn! bpen! = it was
(l)pra!-maat = carelessness

The use of kwarm indicates a noun

I love him = (r)phom (h)rahk! (r)khao! [love in this sentence is a verb]

Love is a good thing = kwarm (h)rahk! bpen! (l)sing! (h)ti! dii [love in this sentence is a noun, hence the use of kwarm]

(l)sing! = thing

It was my fault = muhn! bpen! kwarm (l)pit! (r)kawng (r)phom! (l)en!

(r)phom! = my
kwarm (l)pit! = fault

our house = (f)bahn (r)kawng (f)phuak rao

their = (r)kawng (f)phuak (r)kow!

they = (f)phuak (r)kow!

It was Suda's fault = muhn! bpen! kwarm (l)pit! (r)kawng Suda

It was the reception's fault = muhn! bpen! kwarm (l)pit! (r)kawng pa-nuk!-ngaan

pa-nuk!-ngaan = reception


Congratulations = (r)khor (l)sa!-dang kwarm yin!-dee (r)du-ay or just yin!-dee (r)du-ay

Congratulations on winning the contest
(r)pohm (r)khor (l)sa!-dang kwarm yin!-dee (h)ti khun cha-(h)na! gaan (l)kang!-(r)kan

cha-(h)na! = win
(l)kang!-(r)kan = contest
gaan prefixes (l)kang!-(r)kan to make it a noun

My congratulations on winning the election
(r)pohm (r)khor (l)sa!-dang kwarm yin!-dee (h)ti khun cha-(h)na! gaan leu-(r)uk-(h)tung

leu-(r)uk-(h)tung = election

Congratulations on your success
(r)pohm (r)khor (l)sa!-dang kwarm yin!-dee (h)ti (l)kun! (l)pra!-(l)sob! kwarm (r)sahm!-(l)ret!

(r)sahm!-(l)ret! = success

Merry Christmas = (l)sook!-(r)san wan! (r)chris-mas!

Happy New Year = (l)sook!-(r)san wan! bpii (l)mai! or mii kwarm (l)sook! wan bpii (l)mai!

bpii = year
(l)mai! = new

The same to you! = (h)chen! duay (l)gun!

Happy Birthday = (l)sook!-(r)san wan! (l)gert


How unfortunate = (h)chang! (r)chok-(r)rai jing! jing!

(r)chok-(r)rai = unfortunate
(h)chang! = indicates an exclamation (no English equivalent)

That's too bad = (r)yeah (l)jing (h)na!

That's a pity = (r)na (r)sohng!-(r)sahn

(r)sohng!-(r)sahn = pity

I'm sorry to hear it = (r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! (h)ti!-dai! (r)saab

If there's anything I can do, please let me know
(r)dta mii ah!-rai! (r)hai (r)phom (f)chu-ay (l)bproht (l)bok (r)hai (r)phom (r)saab

(l)bproht = please
(l)bok = tell

please tell me = (l)bproht (l)bok (r)phom

I'm awfully sorry to hear of the death of your father
(r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! maak (h)ti! (f)por (r)kawng khun! (r)sia

(r)kawng khun! = your
(r)sia = death
(f)por = father

I'm awfully sorry to hear of the death of your younger sister-in-law
(r)phom (r)sia (l)jai! maak (h)ti! (h)nawng sa-(h)pai! (r)kawng khun! (r)sia

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