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Thai Language Lessons - Lesson 5


Date of lesson: Wednesday 11th February 2004

Getting Information And Directions

Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the post office?
(r)kaw (f)toht khrap, khun sa-(r)maat bok (r)phom! (h)dai! (r)mai (h)wa! ja pai (f)tee-tahm!-gahn-bpry!-sa-nee (h)dai (l)yaang-rai

sa-(r)maat = can
bok = tell
(l)yaang-rai = how
(f)tee-tahm!-gahn-bpry!-sa-nee = post office

The above example is the politest way to ask. An acceptable but not quite so polite version would be:

(f)tee-tahm!-gahn-bpry!-sa-nee pai taang (r)nai

Where is the garage?
(l)oo-(f)sawm-(h)roht! (h)yoo! (f)tee (r)nai

Where is the police station?
sa-(r)tah-nee dtahm! (l)roo-ut (h)yoo! (f)tee (r)nai

sa-(r)tah-nee = station
dtahm! (l)roo-ut = police

Ma-(r)hah (h)wit!-ta-yah-lai = University

Mor-Or is the Thai abbreviation for the Prince of Songkhla University

(h)hang!-(l)sub!-pa!-(r)sin-(h)ka = Department Store

but just (h)hang! will be enough for a Thai person to understand what you mean

To specify a particular department store use, for example: (h)hang! Central or (h)hang! Diana

Where is the museum?
(h)pih!-pit!-ta-pahn! (h)yoo! (f)tee (r)nai

(h)raan aa-(r)haan = small restaurant

Is there a hotel near here?
mee rohng raam (f)taew (h)ni (r)mai
mee rohng raam (f)gly! (f)gly! (r)mai

Here's one to watch out for:

(f)gly! = near
gly! = far

The Thai word for 'now' = (r)dee-oh (h)nee
tawn (h)nii

Is there a barber shop near here?
mee (h)raan-(l)dtaht!-(r)pohm! (f)taew (h)ni (r)mai

(h)raan = shop
(l)dtaht! = cut
(r)pohm! = hair

(h)raan-rawng-(h)tao = shoe shop
(h)raan-hah-li-gah = watch shop
rohng pa-yah-bahn = hospital

Which direction is it to the bank, do you know?
ta-nah-kahn pai thaang (r)nai, khun (h)ru! (h)mai!

ta-nah-kahn = bank

Where is the airport? Should I go this way, or that way?
sa-(r)nahm bin! (h)yoo! (f)tee (r)nai. (r)pohm (l)ja! pai tahng (h)nee (r)hrue tahng (h)nahn!

tahng = way
(h)nee = this
(r)hrue = or
(h)nahn! = that

This room = (f)hawng! (h)nee
That room = (f)hawng! (h)nahn!

Can you tell me where the nearest telephone is?
khun sa-(r)maat bok (r)phom! (h)dai! (r)mai toh-ra-(l)sahp! ti (f)gly! (f)gly! (h)yoo! (f)tee (r)nai

toh-ra-(l)sahp! = telephone
toh-ra-(l)sahp! meu = mobile telephone
meu (wide mouth) = hand
meu-(r)teu = short version for mobile phone
(r)teu = hold

It's opposite the restaurant
man (l)yu! dtrohng!-(f)kahm (h)raan aa-(r)haan

dtrohng!-(f)kahm = opposite

It's next to the drugstore
man (l)yu! (l)taht! (l)jaak! (h)raan (r)khaai yaa

Turn left at the next corner
(h)lee-oh (h)sai (f)tii moom! ta-(r)nohn! (l)taht! bpy!

(h)lee-oh = turn
(h)sai = left
(f)tii = at
moom! = corner
ta-(r)nohn! = road
(l)taht! bpy! = next

Go straight ahead

duhn dtrohng! bpai! - to somebody walking
(l)kahp! dtrohng! bpai! - to somebody driving a car or riding a motorbike
bpan! dtrohng! bpai! - to someone riding a bicycle

go to the left = (h)lee-oh pai tahng (h)sai
go to the right = (h)lee-oh pai tahng (r)kwah

Go that way for about 300 metres
Pai tahng (h)nahn! (l)pra-maan (r)sahm (h)roy (h)met!

(l)pra-maan = approximately

Go straight ahead for about 200 metres then turn left at the first corner
duhn dtrohng! bpai! (l)pra-maan (r)sawng (h)roy (h)met! (h)lee-oh (h)sai (f)tii moom! ta-(r)nohn! (f)thii (l)neung!

(f)thii (l)neung! = first
(f)thii (r)sawng = second
(f)thii (r)sahm = third

You are the first one!
khun! keu khon (f)thii (l)neung!

How can I get to the train station?
(r)pohm (l)ja! pai sa-(r)tah-nee (h)roht! fai! dai (l)yahng-rai!

(l)yahng-rai! = how

You can take a motorcycle or you can walk
khun! sa-(r)maat pai (h)roht! moh-tuh sai (r)hrue duhn pai (h)kor (f)dai!

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