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Hat Yai | Hat Yai Places Of Worship Site Map

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Mural in a Chinese temple in Hat Yai, Thailand

Mural in a Chinese temple in Hat Yai, Thailand


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Hat Yai Places Of Worship Site Map

Places of Worship

  • Introduction

    • Temples
      • Introduction
      • Chinese Temples
      • The Top Ten Temples In Hat Yai
      • Temple Listings
        • Banthathon Temple
        • Bodhisattva Kuan Im
        • Bottle Temple (Wat Kuat)
        • Bpaak Naam Temple
        • Cheo Chaang Temple
        • Goh Wat Temple
        • Hat Yai Nai Temple
        • Hat Yai Sidtaaraam Temple
        • Hongbpradit Temple
        • Hua Tanon Temple
        • Khoksung Temple
        • Klong Bplay Temple
        • Klong Hair Pagoda
        • Klongrien Temple
        • Koke Naaw Temple
        • Koke Samaan Kuun Temple
        • Kuan Im Giw Seu Um Temple
        • Mahapanya Vidayalai
        • Plukkhla Temple
        • Prataat Jedi
        • Saan Jao Por Seua Temple
        • Taworn Woraaraam Temple

    • Mosques
      • Introduction
        • Khuan Lang Mosque
        • Majjamoh Hatyai Mosque
        • Pakistani Mosque
        • Songkhla Province Central Mosque

    • Churches
      • Introduction
        • Baptist Church
        • Catholic Church
        • Haadyai Christian Church
        • Haadyai City Church
        • Hat Yai Assembly of God Church
        • Hatyai Baptist Church
        • Hatyai City Church
        • House of the Lord Church (NOW CLOSED)
        • Romyen Had Yai Church
        • Sangangam Church
        • Seventh-Day Adventist Church