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Thailand | Thai Girls Page 3

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  • The Oldest Profession [more]
  • Thai Working Girls Are Not Representative Of Thai Girls [more]
  • The Mercenaries [more]
  • Temptation Around Every Corner? [more]
  • Thai Girls And Sex [more]
  • Dependent Relationships [more]


Pretty girl at Loy Gratong

Pretty girl at Loy Gratong


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Thailand - Girls Page 3

The Oldest Profession

Prostitution and Thailand are synonymous. This isn't a fact many Thais like but they only have themselves to blame if they don't like it. Lots of Thais (and not just the girls directly involved) make a very good living from the industry.

Prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand but the Thais have convenient ways to circumvent laws. The huge massage parlours in Bangkok officially just provide a massage service so there is nothing illegal about that. Whatever else happens is just between two consenting adults.


Hello handsome man, sit down please.

Hello handsome man, sit down please.


It's a very difficult subject to discuss and evokes very emotional debates.

The girls I have met who sell sex weren't forced into the industry. They come from poor backgrounds and have little education. Because of their social status and education they will never get a decent paying job in Thailand.

They have the option of doing menial work for a pittance of a salary, or they can live in a fun tourist area where they can sleep until noon and let foreign men pay them to take them out eating and dancing.

They can earn a lot of money this way so what is the best option? Hard, menial work for a very small salary or a high monthly income just by having fun? The latter option means having to have sex with strangers but for many poor Thai girls it is a small price to pay.

There is a huge difference between prostitutes in Thailand and elsewhere. In most countries men just use prostitutes for sex. In Thailand, foreign men fall in love with them.

It's not impossible to find a good partner this way but the fact the girl has chosen this career path means that her primary concern in life is money.

A genuine good Thai girl would be horrified at having to sell her body to make money.

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Thai Working Girls Are Not Representative Of Thai Girls

On the first page about Thai girls I spoke about the different types of Thai girls. Many Internet resources I have read purport to be talking about Thai girls when actually they are talking about Thai prostitutes. There are apparently many men who have encountered bar girls in Thailand, have been ripped off, and now have a view of what 'Thai girls' are like. This is a little unfair, to say the least.


Thai girls with attitude (probably a bad one)

Thai girls with attitude (probably a bad one)


They are not the same and this is a very important point to make. This career option is not the only choice, but for some it is an easy and convenient choice. By choosing to do it the girl has prioritised money as the most important thing in her life above morality, trust, integrity and honesty.

If you choose to get involved with a bar girl and end up getting cheated, what did you expect? However, this is what happens. Foreign men arrive in Thailand and within a matter of hours encounter bar girls. I understand why they do it and it is because of some very basic human needs but there are big risks attached.

Have fun with them but don't believe anything they say and try not to get emotionally attached because that's when the problems begin.

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The Mercenaries

"A heart of stone and claws of steel."

The following is a short extract from a book that is part of the 'Cities of the World' series: No. 11 Bangkok, written by James Kirkup. It was first published in 1968.

"The Nipa Guest House is in Sukhumvit Road, a place very popular with American servicemen and other wandering foreigners, for it is lined with dance halls, massage parlours and Turkish baths (mostly clustered round the American Services' Villa Club) where extremely pretty, scantily clad and extraordinarily mercenary Thai girls attend charmingly to all the physical needs of campaign-weary patrons.

The Thai entertainers are very spoilt and very greedy, and as the girls graduate from lowly drinking dens and knocking-shops round the harbour to the glittering fantasy of Bangkok's luxurious cabarets and night spots they become more and more demanding and grasping; those sweet smiles and delicate fingers conceal a heart of stone and claws of steel. But it is a pleasure to be gypped by these girls once in a while."

At the time of writing, that passage is over 40 years old but it is just as relevant today as it has always been - maybe more so, in fact. If you are male, single and planning your first trip to Thailand, I would suggest reading the above quote several times and remembering the key parts.

Some of the girls have better hunting instincts than Great White sharks and, just like sharks, they have the capability of being able to identify weak prey.

A few years ago, at the request of the Thai girl I was with at the time, I went with her to watch a Patpong sex show but instead found myself watching a large group of mercenary Thai girls who were working there fleece three middle-aged farang tourists.

I think it was the guys' first trip to Thailand - they just had that look about them - and the girls probably sensed the same thing. At first, one girl approached them and in no time at all there were about 15 bikini-clad girls all over them.

A large round of 'lady drinks' was ordered which must have cost a small fortune, with most of the money for the drinks going straight into the girls' handbags. As soon as they had their drinks, they just left the men and never returned.

Occasionally I go to tourist areas. For me these days, it's a strange curiosity because what goes on in those areas is totally alien to my life in Thailand.

Most of the Thai girls I know are so innocent and demure that when I see bar girl behaviour in Patong the experience is similar to watching a circus freak show. It is so out of context in normal daily life in Thailand that it seems almost surreal.

It is in those areas where there are lots of tourists that the mercenaries are attracted. They have but one objective in life and that is to extract as much money from foreign men as possible. They will give you 10 minutes of conversation but if you haven't bought them a drink in that time, or hinted that money will be forthcoming, they will leave.

As long as they are being paid, they will stay but as soon as the money stops, they will leave. They have the Buddhist ability to remain completely detached emotionally from whatever they do physically. Their bodies are used just as tools for their profession. Physical intimacy means absolutely nothing to them apart from being a way to earn money.

The author of the quote above makes the point that occasionally it can be a pleasure to be taken by these girls but I would suggest treating them with a great deal of caution and, whatever you do, don't form any emotional attachments. Falling in love with a mercenary Thai girl will empty your bank account fairly quickly and lead to a lot of emotional pain.

Every now and again, I read a load of naive nonsense from supposedly professional journalists about the Thai sex industry. Invariably, they focus on the plight of one poor girl who ended up in the industry as a result of poverty and they describe what a harrowing experience it has been for her. The mistake they make is implying that every Thai prostitute is a helpless victim.

Yes, this does happen. Girls from poor backgrounds with no job opportunities move to Bangkok and other tourist areas to find work in order to support their families. They don't want to be sex workers but find it is the only way they can earn enough to survive and send money home.

It is these girls who I feel sorry for but it's not the case for every single girl. The mercenary girls certainly aren't victims. They go about their work in a very calculating manner and the only victims involved are the foreign men who get involved with them.

I need to make the point that mercenary girls in Thailand make up only a tiny fraction of a percent of the overall female population. What is unfortunate, however, is that because of their easy accessibility, it is these girls that foreign men tend to head straight for as soon as they arrive in Thailand.

To avoid the mercenary girls all you need to do is walk away when they start revealing their true colours. If you know the score but ignore the signs and continue to come back for further punishment, then that is up to you.

I don't splash money around in Thailand because doing so has a tendency to attract all the wrong kind of people (not just girls) and it can actually be quite dangerous. Jealousy is not unknown in Thailand and the Thais can be a very vengeful race. I freely admit that I'm quite stingy with girls but I avoid a lot of problems that way.

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Temptation Around Every Corner?

"Thailand is a place where there is temptation around every corner." I once heard a farang living in Thailand say this and it quite surprised me. It especially surprised me as he was living in ultra-conservative southern Thailand. What did he mean? The working girls aren't exactly tempting men; they're just looking for business.

His comment seemed to imply that there are Thai females everywhere peering out of their lonely rooms, beckoning in passing strangers on their way to work for a quick illicit encounter. That definitely isn't the case.

Thais smile a lot and are famous for doing so. Remember, this is the 'Land of Smiles'. Everyone smiles at everyone, pretty girls even smile at ugly, sad, middle-aged farangs. Smile at a pretty girl in the UK and she will return a look that says, "What the f*** are you grinning at?" Certain females in the UK will actually tell you to, "F*** off."

But in Thailand if you smile at a pretty girl she will normally give a big smile back. Wow! It's a nice feeling and can certainly put a spring in your step but don't be confused. They say the Thais have a smile for all occasions and because of this they smile for different reasons.

Sometimes it's just to be friendly and sometimes it's because they feel nervous, afraid or threatened. Sometimes the famous Thai smile is used as a defence mechanism if a stranger may appear to be dangerous. What the smile from the pretty girl stranger is unlikely to be though is an invitation to her bedroom, and if you think that you are sadly deluded.

Temptation around every corner? I don't think so my deluded friend. So what is the situation in Thailand with the girls, then? Well, there are lots of opportunities to look at pretty girls. It's free and no one gets too upset. A girl won't give you a mouthful of abuse for looking at her and her boyfriend probably won't beat you up. In fact, the girls seem to love the attention.

There are lots of opportunities to flirt with pretty girls. Flirting is a national pastime and girls will flirt with you more than you flirt with them but don't take it too seriously. They may give you a phone number or make a date and look desperate to see you again but there's a good chance they will disappear, never to be seen again. It happens a lot.

There are lots of opportunities to have sex with working girls. It's as easy going into somewhere for sex as it is going into 7-Eleven for a packet of Mama instant noodles. There are also lots of opportunities to form deep, meaningful relationships with very decent girls but this requires plenty of time and a deep level of commitment which could mean marriage.

Thailand is definitely a land of opportunity but temptation around every corner? I honestly don't think so.

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Thai Girls And Sex

Several years ago I was looking at a web site written by a guy who had spent a lot of time in Thailand and Japan. He commented that every time he had sex in Thailand, he paid the girl; and every time he had sex in Japan, the girl paid him.

I'm obviously living in the wrong place. He makes a valid point though.

In my experience, I have found Thai girls to have an extremely healthy appetite for sex, and to enjoy sex as much as - if not more than - girls from anywhere else.

The big difference is that with Thai girls the pleasure they derive from having sex is never enough payment alone. There always has to be more. In all my years of living in Thailand, I have never had no-strings-attached sex.


This young girl seemed innocent enough but was still stalking me a year after we'd met

This young girl seemed innocent enough but was still stalking me a year after we'd met


The most obvious examples are the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Thai prostitutes. To them, sex is nothing but a business transaction, and to forget or ignore that fact is crass stupidity.

But there are also lots of girls who aren't prostitutes who might like a man and have a desire to sleep with him. Even if they initiate sex and do it because they want to, there will always be an expectation for payment.

There are also lots of Thai girls who aren't looking to be paid every time they have sex, but who have sex with a man because they want to marry him. To help their cause and to force the man into a corner, they will often do their best to get pregnant.

It has happened to me twice. I got off the hook the first time but ended up getting married the second time; not that I regret marrying the girl I did but she ensured it happened a lot quicker than I had originally intended.

Sex is never given away for free in Thailand.

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Dependent Relationships

The Client/Patron relationship is so ingrained in Thai culture that not only is it perfectly acceptable; to a lot of Thais it is actually very desirable. Many Thais near the bottom of society are comfortable in a subservient 'client' role with a benefactor (or 'patron') looking after them.

Give such a person the chance to live independently and they will refuse it in order to have the protection and security of a patron to look after them. The fact of the matter is that the majority of Thai girls who get involved with foreign men aren't that high up the social scale.

I see many Thai/farang couples in completely dependent relationships. He stands there like a lemon not understanding anything going on around him in Thailand; completely dependent on her to sort things out, and also dependent on her for his emotional and sexual needs. She meanwhile is dependent on him financially.

There is nothing wrong with this if it is what both people are happy with. Societies in which people depend on others to help them tend to be a lot more pleasant that those where everyone has the attitude they can do everything themselves.

It's really a case of what you want. I don't feel very comfortable in relationships where both people are overly dependent on each other but it suits others.

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