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Real Italian pizza

Real Italian pizza


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I live in Southeast Asia and have booked hundreds of hotels in this region. I have spent many hours researching hotel prices to get the best deal and I always end up booking through Agoda. Their rates are far lower compared to other companies or booking directly with hotels. Give them a try!

Hat Yai Food Site Map

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 1

  • Ten Good Places To Eat In Hat Yai
  • Introduction
  • Restaurants Categorised By Food Type
  • Farang Breakfast Food
  • Local Breakfast Food
  • Vegetarian Food
  • Halal Food
  • The Hat Yai Coffee Shop Craze and Starbucks
  • The Japanese Food Craze
  • Transliteration Of Thai names
  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings
    • B's Sweet
    • Baan Khun Bpu

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 2

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 2
    • Baan Lalit (NOW CLOSED)
    • Bakery Box
    • Bansuan Coffee
    • The Basil
    • The Basil @ Central (NOW CLOSED)
    • Beung Thong Seafood
    • Billin Cafe Bistro
    • Boat Bakery (NOW CLOSED)
    • Bon Khao Restaurant
    • Bor Bai Mai
    • Bpor Maalee Steak House (NOW CLOSED)
    • Bua Luang
    • By Nong (Halal)
    • Cafe New York (NOW CLOSED)
    • Chill Chill

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 3

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 3
    • Ching Sin (Vegetarian) (NOW CLOSED)
    • Chok Dee
    • Choladah
    • Chongkhao Seafoods
    • Cocohut (NOW CLOSED)
    • Coffee Break (NOW CLOSED)
    • Coffee Craft
    • Coffee D
    • The Company
    • Crown Bakery
    • Cup and Rest
    • Daothiam
    • Darbar (NOW CLOSED)
    • Daychaa Fried Chicken (Halal)
    • Dent Cafe
    • De Van Cuisine
    • The Donya

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 4

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 4
    • Dynasty Restaurant at JB Hotel
    • Ep's Bake House
    • Fuji
    • Futai Steak House
    • Gäp's Garten (NOW CLOSED)
    • Gobpii Guwan
    • Gun Eng
    • Hamid Restaurant (Halal)
    • Hia Kui (see Samila Seafood)
    • Homeless Bar And Grill
    • Homeless Diner
    • Jae Lek

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 5

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 5
    • Jaelin (Vegetarian)
    • Jeffer Steak House
    • Jia Ping
    • Jibiramen
    • Kah Sah Muslim Kitchen (Halal)
    • Kanom Baan Go Kai
    • Kaopan Sushi
    • Kenta Hatyai
    • Khornang Dim Sum
    • Kiriko Japanese Restaurant
    • Klang Bak Kut Teh
    • Krua Peuan Sookapaap (NOW CLOSED)
    • Krua Reurn Thai
    • Lalita Seafood & Shark Fin (NOW CLOSED)
    • L'Amour Cafe
    • La Pause Cafe
    • Log Terrace Restaurant
    • Long Oey (NOW CLOSED)

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 6

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 6
    • Maison De Monet
    • Mariko Japanese Restaurant
    • McDonalds - Branch 1
    • McDonalds - Branch 2
    • McDonalds - Branch 3
    • McDonalds - Branch 4
    • M Coffee (Halal)
    • Meats And Beans
    • Menu Steak House 39
    • Miang Bplaa
    • Muangsombut Cafe
    • Nairm Neuang (NOW CLOSED)
    • Nakorn Nai
    • Namaste
    • Nest Home
    • Nha Hang Xin Chao Viet
    • The Nine Bistro
    • Nukwing Dimsum
    • Num Heng (Vegetarian)
    • Ome Bake House
    • Ong Tong
    • Pad Thai Thai Ar-Karn
    • Pairin Steak House

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 7

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 7
    • Palm Court Restaurant at JB Hotel
    • Payom Pizza And Steak
    • Pee Lek
    • Pee Lek 59
    • Puhong Valley And Resort
    • Pun Eatery And Pottery
    • Puri Pizza & Steak (NOW CLOSED)
    • Quigley's Irish Pub (NOW CLOSED)
    • Rim Taang
    • Ruanmai Punnagann (NOW CLOSED)
    • Rung Nok Siam
    • Sabannga Restaurant
    • Salma (Halal)
    • Sami Kitchen (Halal)
    • Samila Seafood (used to be Hia Kui)
    • Samila Sea Sport

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 8

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 8
    • Saneha Restaurant
    • Santa Fe
    • Sawoei
    • Seventy two degrees
    • Shabuji
    • Shabu Shi by Oishi (NOW CLOSED)
    • Shanko's Hive
    • Sing Sing (Vegetarian) (NOW CLOSED)
    • Siri Dim Sum
    • Sizzler, Lee Gardens (NOW CLOSED)
    • Sky Buffet
    • Somtum Chaba
    • Sor Hueng

Food And Restaurant Listings Page 9

  • Hat Yai Restaurant Listings Page 9
    • Steak Cafe (NOW CLOSED)
    • Steak Nai Suan
    • Sugar Rock
    • Sumatra (Halal)
    • The Supper
    • The Swan
    • Taaworn Ocha
    • Tai See Hee
    • Tai Sun Dim Sum
    • Taste Add
    • Thale Thai (NOW CLOSED)
    • Tong Poon
    • Umami
    • Washington
    • Whisker Hat Yai (NOW CLOSED)
    • The Wolf Steak House
    • World Wide Cafe
    • Yor Island Seafood Restaurants

Get The Best Deal On Your Hat Yai Hotel Room

Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

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If you want to compare prices between different on-line travel agents (OTAs) for a specific hotel, you can use a company such as HotelsCombined.

Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand