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Buri Sriphu Hotel, Hat Yai

Buri Sriphu Hotel, Hat Yai


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Ten Comfortable Places To Stay In Hat Yai




Hat Yai is a very popular destination for Malaysians and Singaporeans wanting a quick weekend break. It's near to where they live and it's relatively cheap, especially compared to Singapore.

I have listed nine pages of accommodation options (starting here) and - to make things easier for those people on a tight budget - I made a page listing Ten Cheap Places To Stay In Hat Yai.

However, if you aren't on a budget you may wish to stay somewhere a lot more comfortable. The places listed below are expensive for Hat Yai, but everything in life is relative. The best hotels in Hat Yai are cheaper than the cheapest budget hotels in Singapore and cheaper than motor Travelodges in the UK.

For relatively little money you can stay in a very comfortable hotel in Hat Yai.

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Comfort, Not Convenience

I have selected these hotels using only the criterion of comfort. There has been a trend in recent years for new hotels in Hat Yai to be built outside of the downtown area. There are several reasons for this.

  1. The downtown area has no vacant land
  2. If land becomes available it is very expensive
  3. Although the flooding problem is a LOT better nowadays, there is still a risk of flooding
  4. Businesses are gradually moving away from the downtown area and this trend was accelerated with the opening of Central Festival

Some of these hotels are centrally located. However, some of the most comfortable hotels are now outside what was once the traditional central tourist area around Lee Gardens.

If you decide to stay in one of these hotels it will be better if you have your own transport.

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Some of the room rates below may no longer be current and have quite possibly increased slightly since I last checked. I will check room rates again when I pass these places, but if you know of any errors please let me know.

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Click for more details about Preuksa Spa in Hat Yai


Buri Sriphu Hotel (★★★★)

Buri Sriphu Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Very good 7.8 - See here for details

Comments: Relatively new, opening in 2012, the owners of this hotel definitely set out to make it a cut above the rest. There are four styles of room, which are very tastefully decorated. All rooms have free drinking water and tea/coffee making facilities.

There is a restaurant, a swimming pool, and 70 car parking spaces. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Room Rate: Bt1,800 to Bt4,500

More Information: Buri Sriphu Hotel

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Centara Hotel (★★★.5)

Novotel Central Sukhontha, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Very good 8.0 - See here for details

Comments: Located right in the heart of the Lee Gardens tourist district, this hotel overtook the JB Hotel to become Hat Yai's top hotel for a while. Its name has changed quite a few times and the name changes still confuse me. When I first came to Hat Yai I seem to remember it was the Novotel.

The reception area is impressive, although the rooms are a little ordinary and not that big. The staff are extremely polite and courteous and the hotel portrays everything that is good about Thailand.

There are some excellent restaurants inside the hotel, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and also the Cenvaree Spa.

Room Rate: Bt2,000

More Information: Centara Hotel

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The Crystal Hotel (★★★★)

Crystal Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Very good 7.8 - See here for details

Comments: This has always been a clean and comfortable hotel, but it used to be too far from the centre of town and Lee Gardens Plaza to be convenient.

However, that all changed with the opening of Central Festival. Being located directly opposite, the Crystal Hotel is perfectly located for easy access to the largest shopping mall in southern Thailand.

Room Rate: Bt990 to Bt1,590

More Information: The Crystal Hotel

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The Habita (★★★)

The Habita, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Waiting for reviews - See here for details

Comments: This hotel opened in March 2017. It is a little way from Lee Gardens Plaza and the central tourist district, but not that far.

The hotel construction uses a lot of wood and with the addition of trees and plants it provides a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. It is located next door to a temple and is adjacent to one of the central canals that run through Hat Yai.

The walk-in rates are quite high for Hat Yai, but if you book on-line you should be able to get a much better deal. Agoda only give it three stars, but this is probably because it lacks certain facilities. The Habita is actually a lot nicer than many other three star hotels in Hat Yai.

Room Rate: Bt2,000 to Bt5,000

More Information: The Habita

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Hatyai Signature Hotel (★★★)

Hatyai Signature Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.1 - See here for details

Comments: This hotel was opened in 2016 and if you don't mind being a little way out of town it is one of the most comfortable hotels in Hat Yai. The two storey duplex rooms are particularly impressive.

Room Rate: Bt1,550 - Bt3,600

More Information: Hatyai Signature Hotel

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La Pause (★★.5)

La Pause Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Exceptional 9.2 - See here for details

Comments: This is a small 'boutique' hotel that only has eight rooms and was designed by the owner's architect husband. It's not right in the middle of town, but the staff are very friendly and it has a personal touch. Most Hat Yai hotel rooms look almost identical to one another, but this hotel is very different.

Do not be deceived by Agoda's low 2.5 star rating - this hotel is much better than that. Instead, look at Agoda's guest rating. At 9.2 this is the highest rated hotel in Hat Yai and the only hotel in Hat Yai to be rated as 'Exceptional'.

The rooms are fantastic, even if the location and facilities are not as good as other hotels.

Room Rate: Bt1,199 to Bt1,345

More Information: La Pause

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New Season Square Hotel (★★★★)

New Season Square Hotel (under construction), Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.1 - See here for details

Comments: Hotels in Thailand tend to be at their best when they are new and this one only opened in May 2016 so it is still very new. It is one of the few hotels in Hat Yai to be rated as a four star hotel.

Room Rate: Bt1,800

More Information: New Season Square Hotel

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Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel (★★★)

Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.2 - See here for details

Comments: A little oasis of peace and tranquility in Hat Yai. It's a little out of town, located on the airport road. If you have your own transport this is a really nice place.

Room Rate: Bt1,100 to Bt1,500

More Information: Nutchana Hill Boutique Hotel

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The Smart Hotel (★★★)

The Smart Hotel, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.6 - See here for details

Comments: Some of Hat Yai's old 'luxury' hotels are now getting quite long in the tooth and are in need of refurbishment. On the other hand, a few new hotels have been built in recent years and they are very comfortable. The old ones are much better known, but don't overlook the new ones.

There have also been big changes in Hat Yai's shopping scene. Lee Gardens Plaza used to be the central shopping hub and people visiting Hat Yai for shopping wanted to be as close to Lee Gardens Plaza as possible.

That all changed when Central Festival opened. Central Festival is the biggest shopping mall in southern Thailand and obviously it is now the central shopping hub in Hat Yai. Lots of retail businesses that used to be located in the downtown area have relocated to Central Festival and new hotels are opening up in that area.

The Smart Hotel is one such hotel. It is a very comfortable place in a very quiet location, yet it is only about 300 yards from Central Festival. You can walk to the mall easily or if you prefer you can take advantage of the hotel's shuttle service.

It's not an ideal choice if you want to be near downtown, but if your main reason for visiting Hat Yai is to shop at Central Festival it is perfect.

Room Rate: Bt890 to Bt1,290

More Information: The Smart Hotel

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U Hatyai (★★★)

U Hatyai, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Agoda Rating: Excellent 8.3 - See here for details

Comments: Most of the suggestions on this page are medium to large hotels. This suggestion is a little different. It's a small building and when I looked in October 2015 it had only just opened. The brand new rooms were tastefully decorated and looked very comfortable. The staff were also extremely friendly. I instantly felt at home and if I had wanted a room for myself this would have been my choice.

It's not right in the centre of the Lee Gardens Plaza tourist district, but the location is in a quiet area and the walk to Lee Gardens only takes around 10 minutes. There is also a decent sized car park if you are driving up from Malaysia or Singapore. Finding car park spaces in Hat Yai can be a real headache.

It doesn't have the same facilities as a large hotel - restaurants, massage shop, gym, pool, etc, etc - but the staff are very friendly and there is a personal touch that is often absent in large hotels.

Room Rate: Bt890

More Information: U Hatyai

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Get The Best Deal On Your Hat Yai Hotel Room

Listed opposite are some of my personal recommendations for hotels in Hat Yai based on budget. I have lived permanently in Hat Yai since 2003 and my recommendations are based on a lot of local knowledge.

Each link will take you to the relevant page on the Agoda website where you can see photos, read reviews, and book on-line. I use Agoda to book all of my own hotels in Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Every time I research hotel prices the Agoda price is always the lowest and I have received good customer service, therefore I am happy to recommend the company to other people.

If you don't wish to pay for your hotel at the time of booking, normally allows you to pay when you check in at the hotel. Some people prefer this method, but I have always found to be more expensive than Agoda.

If you want to compare prices between different on-line travel agents (OTAs) for a specific hotel, you can use a company such as HotelsCombined. However, you will normally find that Agoda is the cheapest and therefore you can save yourself time and money by just booking through Agoda in the first place.

Images of Thailand

Images of Thailand


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