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Hat Yai | Ten Good Massage Shops In Hat Yai

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Preuksa Spa, Hat Yai

Preuksa Spa, Hat Yai


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Ten Good Massage Shops In Hat Yai


Writing this page wasn't easy. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of massage shops in Hat Yai and new ones keep opening.

On one occasion I was walking along the little road opposite Lee Gardens Plaza that is full of massage shops. There wasn't a single customer and there were dozens of masseuse waiting outside the shops playing with their mobile phones. As I passed each shop I heard an optimistic, "Massah, massah?" I didn't have time that day.

I then noticed that a new massage shop had just opened. Despite the apparent lack of business, it doesn't stop Thais from opening new massage shops.

Many shops fail. They open, but shortly afterwards - due to a lack of business - they close. It's difficult keeping this site up to date because businesses in Hat Yai open and close so frequently.

The next problem is that I don't go for massages as often as I used to. These days it might only be once a week or once a fortnight, and normally that will only be for a foot massage.

Another problem is consistency and the fact that the quality of massage you receive depends on the masseuse, not the shop where it was performed. You might experience a fantastic massage one day, but when you go back to the same place on another occasion and there is a different masseuse the massage might be very disappointing. Some shops are more consistent than others and it is those that I will try to focus on here.

Although I don't have as many massages as I used to, I still use Hat Yai massage shops. I normally go while I am waiting to pick up my children from school, which means I always go midweek in the middle of the afternoon.

This is a quiet time and service is normally very good because there are few customers, but it doesn't mean that there will be good service all the time. I recommended a place to a Malaysian guy who was about to visit Hat Yai, but he went on a Saturday during a time when there were thousands of Malaysian tourists in town. The shop was very busy and he didn't get great service.

I mention this to illustrate that even if I have a good experience, you might not. It also works the other way round. You might have a fantastic experience at a place where I had a bad experience.

There's an element of luck, but good experiences are more common than bad ones. And if you do have a good experience (or a bad one) your comments on the massage shop would be very much appreciated. Your feedback will make this site a lot more useful for other people.

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Bangkok Massage

Bangkok Massage, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: The lady who runs this place (there are a couple of branches) comes from Isaan - Roi Et, I think. She employs a lot of girls from the same region and runs quite a tight ship.

There was a time when my daughter went for tutoring nearby and while I was waiting I used to go for a massage here. It was always good and I didn't have any disappointing experiences.

Prices start from: Bt250

More Information: Bangkok Massage

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Blind Massage Shop

Blind Massage Shop, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I've called this the blind massage shop, but it's actually called something like Sook Siri. Some people believe that the best Thai massages are given by masseuses who have lost their sight.

The lack of vision has given them a kind of sixth sense and then can sense problems in the body through their hands that sighted masseuses can't.

Prices start from: Bt150

More Information: Blind Massage Shop

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Cleopatra Ancient Massage

Cleopatra Ancient Massage, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: There are two things that make a difference when I am having a massage - the girl performing the massage and the environment.

A lot of Hat Yai massage shops have windowless rooms and the masseuses put the A/C on full. During some massages I have been so cold as to almost start shivering.

This massage shop - located at the Florida hotel - has some rooms that have windows and I much prefer daylight to artificial light. I've had some good massages here.

Prices start from: Bt250

More Information: Cleopatra Ancient Massage

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Garabuning Spa

Garabuning Spa, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I used to go to this place quite often, but at the time of writing I haven't been for a long time. If you do go regularly you can buy packages that make each visit cheaper.

Many Hat Yai massage shops are located on busy streets, but this is in a quiet location in a garden and it's very relaxing.

I have to add that if you are male and go for a massage in Hat Yai expecting some 'extra' services, those services aren't available at places like this. I once spoke to a Malaysian guy who had been here and kept offering the girl more money to provide an extra service, but she simply wasn't interested.

Prices start from: Bt1,590

More Information: Garabuning Spa

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I-Spa Wellness Club

I-Spa Wellness Club, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I'm probably not far wrong in saying that most Malaysians and Singaporeans who visit Hat Yai do so for a cheap break. If money wasn't an object they would probably go elsewhere. I have seen Hat Yai weekend packages offered in Malaysia for 300 Ringgits, all inclusive.

Part of the attraction about trips to Hat Yai is being able to get cheap massages and there are lots of shops where you can get a massage for a couple of hundred Baht.

However, if money isn't an object and you want a really special experience there are also some upmarket spas. This is one of them.

Prices start from: Bt199

More Information: I-Spa Wellness Club

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Only One

Only One Thai Traditional Massage, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: You can have a good experience at every massage shop in Hat Yai, but the truth is that most of the girls have only had very basic training and don't really understand the theory behind Thai massage. Masseuse performing foot massage give you a pleasant foot rub, but they don't understand all the reflex points in the feet.

Only One is different to most other massage shops in Hat Yai in that the masseuses understand a lot more theory and give a much more authentic Thai massage.

Prices start from: Bt300

More Information: Only One

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Preuksa Spa

Preuksa Spa, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I first found this place many years ago and back then three girls worked there permanently. Nowadays, just one (Toy) runs the place and she has other girls who work for her.

In Hat Yai there are a lot of cheap massage shops, but they can be inconsistent. At the other end are the spas, which are quite expensive. Preuksa gives you a spa experience for less money than most other spas.

Prices start from: Bt250

More Information: Preuksa Spa

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Thai Odyssey

Thai Odyssey Massage, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I think this is a branch of a chain of massage shops in Malaysia. Most tourists to Hat Yai are Malaysian and quite a few Malaysians have business interests in Hat Yai.

It's more expensive than most of the regular massage shops, but not as expensive as the spas. The service is very good and a massage experience here is very different to a Bt200 massage elsewhere.

Prices start from: Bt400

More Information: Thai Odyssey

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Tum Rub Thai

Tum Rub Thai, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: I went through a phase where I used to go here for my regular massages, but I haven't been for a while. The massage was consistently good and I liked the Japanese style massage rooms.

Prices start from: Bt300

More Information: Tum Rub Thai

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Wonderful Massage

Wonderful Massage, Hat Yai - Click for larger image

Comments: The regular massage shops in Hat Yai operate a price-fixing cartel to prevent one shop undercutting everyone else and getting lots of business.

When I first arrived in Hat Yai in 2003 I got involved with a girl who worked at one of these places and the shop owner met with other shop owners regularly to discuss business and set prices.

Therefore, prices are basically the same wherever you go, but the service can differ quite a lot. This is where I normally go if I've been doing a lot of walking and decide to have a foot massage. It's the same price as everywhere else, but I find the service to be very good.

They employ quite a few Burmese girls and these girls have a better attitude than some of the Thai girls.

Prices start from: Bt200

More Information: Wonderful Massage

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